Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 30th November 2020 Written Update: Ram blames Dulari for harming his mother

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 30th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with patang doing photoshoot of Dulari and Kinkshuk while in between he makes fun of kinkshuk’s face making Dulari laugh. Patang ask them to pose for the camera while kinkshuk was about to touch Dulari but she moves back, patang ask him to maintain distance, to which he says that he won’t as she is his to be wife, Dulari fakes a smile while Patang convences him to move away, he ask Kinkshuk to pose and meanwhile keeps pulling his leg.

Patang ask them to get lost in each other’s eyes while kinkshuk sees her, Dulari ask him to look at her with love and not with fear, kinkshuk stammers asking why is she saying so? To which Dulari replies that she can see fear and secret in his eyes, she touches his hand asking to tell about it as she is his soon to be wife, kinkshuk blushes hearing her while Patang keeps recording them. On the other side Menika and koyal tries to see them through the window but couldn’t able to due to patang, koyal complains about it while Menika says that they have to stop this photoshoot, koyal ask how?

To which Menika tells her how she emptied the pressure cooker and put it on gas, koyal panicks saying it will burst while Menika smirks saying that’s what she wanted as this shoot won’t stop without a blast! And they both runs out of the house to save themselves.

Kinkshuk was about to tell Dulari about the accident while Menika and koyal keeps an eye on the house, at that time Rudra prasad calls Ram’s mother asking her to see the kitchen as something is burning there, she obliged and goes to check and gasp seeing the cooker, Ram keeps looking at Dulari and Kinkshuk, cooker blast and everyone gets shocked hearing the sound, Ram screams his mother’s name and runs towards her while she falls down, all gets freezed seeing it then picks her up and puts on the bed,

Dulari keeps rubbing her hands while Ram sprinkles water on her face, koyal glares at Menika, Ram calls for the ambulance but number didn’t get connected, he was about to bring the ambulance when his mother calls his name making everyone relieved. Koyal balmes Menika for all this while she says that she have done everything for koyal only while koyal rolls her eyes.

Ram’s father gets emotional while Ram’s mother tells about what happened in the kitchen, Dulari gets suspicious, Menika comes forward and shows her fake concern, to which koyal whispers her to stop her drama and then ask who have left empty cooker on the gas?

Ram looks at Dulari asking that she was the one who was cooking in the kitchen right? To which she agrees and says that she have turned the gas off while going out, Menika interrupts shouting that if she would have switched it off then blast wouldn’t have happened and taunts her that her whole mind was in the photoshoot only, Dulari defend herself while koyal ask her to accept her mistake,

Dulari raises her voice saying she haven’t left it on, to which Ram says that if she have done a mistake then she should accept it while she looks at him being shocked, he starts scolding her making Menika and koyal smirk. Ram’s mother ask Ram to leave the matter and took Dulari’s side saying mistake happens from humans only! While Dulari gets teary eyes.

Ram remains mad at Dulari while she calmly tries to explain him, but he again blames her saying that he understand that she is doing it for him but that doesn’t mean that she will put his mother’s life in danger, Dulari gets stunned hearing his sharp words. He ask her to apologise for her mistake while both sits opposite to each other (yeh dooriya plays) Dulari looks at him being disappointed while he goes from there.

Koyal paces here and there in her room being worried while Menika comes there being excited, koyal reminds her about her crime while Menika says that koyal is equally part of it and says that she have done everything for her only, koyal calms herself and says that this is not the right way as it could have lead to something more dangerous, Dulari gets shocked as she hears them. She confronts them saying how low they can stoop?

While Menika blames her only and ask her to marry kinkshuk and get out of Ram-koyal’s life forever, she further warns her that if she denies to accept this then the concequences will be way more disastrous while Dulari warns Menika saying if she does anything to her Ram or her family then noone will be worse then her. Menika says that if she wants her family’s safety then leave Ram and make him close to koyal while Dulari looks on.

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