Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 4th December 2020 Written Update: PadmaBhushan lost his voice

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Episode starts with Radha spying on Menika and Koyal and says that she will take revenge for what they did with Dulari, she made them drink alcohol which patang have given her and started recording their confession, Menika says that someone from this house is helping her while koyal ask who?

 Menika takes Radha’s name. Radha goes towards them and questions angrily that why is she putting false allecutions on her? To which Menika and koyal smirks saying what she think that she can mix alcohol in their juices and they won’t get doubt? They accuse her and warns not to come in between their matter orelse she will have to pay for it, Radha goes from there.

Ram ties kinkshuk on the chair in parlour and ask him to relax. He then stick wax strips on his legs and ask him to tell the truth of accident, kinkshuk gets scared and says that he doesn’t know anything! Ram gets angry and pulls off one strip, Kinkshuk shouts in pain while Ram ask him to shut up and then questions that how he get into the same bed with Dulari? Kinkshuk looks on nervously.

Radha goes to patang and Irfan and informed them about what happened! Patang sees empty bottle of alcohol and says that there plans aren’t working, all three gets worried not understanding what to do?

Dulari enters inside her house confidently while koyal gets suspicious! PadmaBhushan enters along with Dulari making Koyal and Menika shock. Ram’s parents greets and welcome PadmaBhushan while Dulari says she brought him here to know about the truth while PadmaBhushan smiles making Menika and koyal scared.

On the other side Ram was about to pull one more strip when Kinkshuk says that he is ready to tell the whole truth, Ram looks on.

Koyal ask Menika to do something orelse PadmaBhushan will spill the truth! He was about to tell them about what happened when Menika comes forward and ask him to come with her to eat something as he is looking weak, she shows her fake concern and drags him with her. Dulari stops her saying they will make him eat tasty food after he tell about the truth of accident to which koyal ask Dulari to let them go as they have met after a long time and so Menika wants to spend some quality time with her husband, dulari interrupts saying after his confession they can take whole time for showing their love. Menika shouts saying she wil take her husband as she don’t want her in-laws to taunt her saying that after accident also we didn’t took care of PadmaBhushan. Menika dragged him with her leaving Dulari tensed.

Kinkshuk confessed that he had pushed PadmaBhushan in front of Ram’s parents car, while Ram looks at him and demands to tell what happened after that? To which kinkshuk cries saying he don’t know what happened afterwards and swears on Dulari, Ram gets angry and pulls the strip making kinkshuk scream. Ram gets anxious thinking what to do?

Menika brings water for PadmaBhushan and ask tells him about the marriage, he looks at her and confronts her that she doesn’t wanted him to come here! She gets tensed and ask him to enjoy the marriage, while he says that someone have pushed him in front of her parents car and he can’t stay silent without telling about the truth, he was about to go when she stopped him saying she also can’t see anything bad happen to someone and further tells that is why she have arranged kinkshuk and koyal’s marriage, she emotionally blackmails him but he didn’t stop and starts going towards door, she says that of he tells the truth then she will never talk to him, he ignores her and was about to open the door when she shouts that she will drink poison if he leaves the room making him hault in his place.

Ram’s father and mother discuss that PadmaBhushan was about to talk something important when Ram’s father sneezed and transformed into Rudra prasad, he taunts dulari while PadmaBhushan comes there and ask them to stop the marriage as he thinks they are doing this only cause of accident, he was about to tell the truth making Koyal and Menika tensed, when his voice gets stuck and he couldn’t able to speak anything.

Menika smirks remembering how she mixed powder innhis drink that made him loose his voice, she winked at koyal and takes PadmaBhushan inside. Rudra prasad gets frustrated while Dulari says that PadmaBhushan told correct thing that marriage shouldn’t happen today. Ram’s mother agreed to her and tries to convince Rudra prasad, koyal interferes but Rudra prasad declares that Ram-koyal and Dulari-kinskhuk will marry same day, Dulari smirks at koyal.

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