Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 5th December 2020 Written Update: Ram transformed to Shyam

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 5th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ram Patang and Irfan discussing about the wedding, they worries while Patang ask Ram to do something, he goes from there. Kinkshuk cries in front of Koyal for his marriage getting postponed and complains about the pain of waxing while she ask him to relax as his wedding will surely happen within 3 days but he again cries making Koyal irritated, at that time Menika comes there saying she have stoped PadmaBhushan from speaking by mixing vermilion in his drink but don’t understand what to do next?

PadmaBhushan keeps banging the door as Menika had locked him inside. Ram comes there and demands to talk to PadmaBhushan, Dulari also comes there with a pen and paper saying that PadmaBhushan will write what he wants to say in this, evryone moves towards his room and Ram ask why the door is locked? He goes to open it when koyal stopped him saying that she won’t let him in as PadmaBhushan got corona making everyone shock,

Ram denies to believe it while Koyal ask Menika to make him understand, Menika ask him to believe her as they can’t let anyone meet PadmaBhushan due to safety measures but Ram still tries to get insider when Rudra Prasad comes there, all the ladies covered their head immediately, he stands in front of door saying he will guard it and won’t let anyone go inside, Ram and Dulari looks at eachother.

Irfan Dulari and patang keeps discussing about the problems while Irfan suggest her to show Ram’s horoscope to some Pandit as he is facing so many problems now a days, at that time patang sees Ram and calls for him, he looks at Dulari and both have a painful eyelock but he goes away.

 Patang ask Dulari that they aren’t talking to each other? To which she nods. Irfan suggested her to talk to him and clear their misunderstanding while Dulari says that she won’t as he also can apologise to her, patang also tries to explain her but she keeps adamant saying if he really cares for her then he would have done something to stop the marriage.

Ram sits in his parlour and thinks about the past incidences, he says that he can be angry at Dulari but can’t live without her, he moves out towards his house being determined while Patang dulari and Irfan looks at him being confused. PadmaBhushan keeps banging the door breathlessly but Rudra prasad says that he won’t open it.

 At that time Ram comes there and demands to go inside but Rudra prasad doesn’t allow him, Ram says that today he won’t listen to him and again tries to go inside but evryone except for Dulari holds Ram stopping him, he jerk them all and goes inside. Patang sees this and ask Dulari if PadmaBhushan is really suffering from corona?

 While she slaps him saying it’s all lie as they can never trust Menika and koyal. Menika taunts Rudra prasad while koyal provokes him that he couldn’t able to do anything! He gets angry and declares that he won’t let anyone damage his reputation.

On the other side PadmaBhushan gets stunned seeing Ram in front of him.

Dulari prays to goddess and declares that she will keep ringing the bell till god won’t help her. Meanwhile Rudra prasad shouts that he will break all his ties with Ram but suddenly sneezed and transformed to Ram’s father who gets happy knowing that Ram went inside to know the truth, Menika and koyal gets disappointed.

Ram ask PadmaBhushan to tell the truth while he shows his neck signalling that he can’t speak, Ram gives him paper and pen while he starts writing. Dulari keeps ringing the bell in front of god’s idol. Menika and koyal tries to go inside but Ram’s father stopped them saying he can’t let them in to protect them from corona, while koyal suggest that Menika will safely bring Ram back and if they won’t allow them Menika will drink poison shocking everyone.

Patang offers poison to her and ask to drink, Menika gets scared. Koyal ask him to have some shame, to which he says that it’s digestive liquid and not poison. PadmaBhushan handovers the paper to Ram and he reads it getting stunned. Afterwards Ram comes out and sneezed transforming into Shyam who is Ram’s elder cousin, evryone gets shocked.

Shyam makes fun of evryone in his weird language and reminds Menika about her mischievous acts, all gets scared of him and starts running as he chases them to beat. He stopped hearing bell sound and gazes towards Dulari standing in front of god’s idol (mantras plays in background), he moves towards her and gets shocked seeing her bleeding hands.

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