Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 7th December 2020 Written Update: Ram told his plan to Dulari

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 7th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ram moving towards Dulari who is continuously ringing the bell, he stops her holding her bleeding hands while she looks at him with teary eyes and immediately hugs him, he too embraced her possessively closing his eyes ( Dil pe chale na koi zor ve plays). Dulari breaks the hug smiling brightly saying she knew it that he will surely come to her while Irfan smiles seeing them and compliments their pair.

Ram moves dulari aside asking her to stop all this as he is shyam not Ram, he introduces himself as Ram’s cousin, Dulari gets shocked and ask Ram’s mother about it! To which she says that he is also suffering from split personality disorder just like his father, dulari cries more while shyam wipes her tears and treats her bleeding hands asking not to harm herself, he further starts flirting with her. He declares that he will marry Dulari shocking everyone,

patang supported him while Kinkshuk says that he can’t marry Dulari as she is his to be wife, shyam moves towards kinkshuk and slaps him several times warning him to stay away from Dulari, kinkshuk keeps crying. Shyam moves towards Dulari and gives her flying kiss while koyal and Menika gasps.

Koyal questions PadmaBhushan asking what he told to Ram that he transformed into Shyam, she gets worried and blames Menika for this, Menika moves PadmaBhushan aside and starts fighting with koyal, they both gets tensed as how to remove shyam from Ram.

On the other side shyam locks Dulari inside his parlour and moves towards her while she moves back, he faces her and says that he is just acting to be shyam, she confirms it and then took a breath of relief and immediately hugged him. He smiles hugging her back and apologised for being silent when his family members were pointing fingers on her character while she also apologised to him, they both started blaming each other but atlast smile and hugged ( mai ho saathtere plays) dulari cups his face and have a romantic eyelock. Dulari ask why is there need of shyam? To which Ram says to know what Menika is plotting they need shyam! He tells her a plan while she hears him carefully.

Koyal balmes Ram’s father for giving such disease to Ram while he smiles sayiy Ram can handle it well. Patang shows them the book about split personality disorder, at that time Shyam comes and orders Menika to go and take care of her husband, he declares that he will directly marry Dulari without engagement or anything else while koyal interrupts him saying he can’t do this to her.

Dulari comes there saying she can’t marry him as her wedding card with Kinkshuk has already been given to everyone, she tells how she have done photoshoot and went on dates with Kinkshuk while kinkshuk blushes agreeing with her, she looks at Kinkshuk and ask him to say something as only she is fighting for her marriage, he stands in front of shyam warning him to take his eyes off Dulari and invites him to come to his marriage after 3days while shyam slaps him hard making him cry.

Menika starts her melo drama saying shyam will break her marriage while shyam shouts at her and ask to go back to her house, he moves to open the door of PadmaBhushan while Ram’s mother stops him saying that PadmaBhushan is suffering from corona while shyam says it’s all lie and blames koyal and Menika for it. He opens the door and PadmaBhushan comes out, Menika cries saying she won’t go as her in-laws won’t accept her without koyal getting married to Ram.

Shyam ask if her in_laws are troubling her to which she nods, shyam.looks at PadmaBhushan and warns him about it, while he gets his voice back in fear of shyam and nods saying he will take care of Menika and will treat her well, evryone gets stunned hearing his voice.

Menika says that she won’t go without marrying Ram to koyal and Dulari to kinkshuk, she ask her father to say something while he politely ask for time till evening making Menika shock, dulari supress her laugh. At that time Ram’s father sneezed and transformed to Rudra prasad who shouts at Shyam saying how dare he to ask Menika to go from this house?

 Shyam bends and takes blessings from him being scared while Rudra Prasad declares that Menika won’t go anywhere. Menika comes forward and complains about shyam while Rudra prasad says that no-one will disobey his order and goes from there leaving koyal and Menika smirking.