Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 8th December 2020 Written Update: Dulari makes a plan to send Rudra Prasad back to his village

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Episode starts with Dulari, Patang and Ram discussing about Rudra Prasad, they says that even shyam is afraid of him and worries as he is hell bend to tie up Ram-Koyal and Dulari-kinskhuk in marriage. On the other side Koyal says that Rudra prasad saved them from shyam while Menika smirks saying that now shyam can’t do anything as they have Rudra Prasad on their side.

Dulari gets tensed saying they can never get rid from Ram’s father split personality disorder, Ram ask now what they will do as his plan of acting to be shyam gets flopped! To which Dulari says that she have one idea from which they can handle Rudra Prasad for sometime, she told them her plan while Patang smirks. Menika keeps praising herself when koyal ask her to do something so that they can use Rudra prasad to get Ram and marry him as soon as possible, Menika tells her a plan while koyal smirks.

Rudra prasad keep pacing here and there when koyal comes there and starts her melo drama, she holds his leg saying that she won’t leave it until he will get her married to Ram, Ram’s mother gets shocked hearing it, while Rudra prasad makes her stand emotionally, she provokes him saying no-one take his words seriously as he comes and goes while he gets angry and declares that he will get Koyal married to Ram now itself, koyal thanked him while he shouts for Ram.

Dulari along with Ram comes running towards them and gets shocked hearing Rudra prasad’s decision, koyal smirks towards Dulari while Dulari tries to make excuses saying they don’t have pandit but Rudra prasad says that he knows all the mantras so he will do the marriage rituals, he further ask Menika to bring all the necessities, At that time phone rings and he picked it up.

Patang changed his voice and speak from other side that Rudra prasad’s farm is being damanged by others and ask him to come back soon, he gets stunned and tells to everyone about it.

 Ram ask him to go and save his field while koyal says that he can’t leave without getting her married to Ram, Rudra prasad looks at her and says how selfish is she! He told about the importance of his field while Dulari brings his footwear and makes him wear it asking sorry in her monologue for causing trouble as she can’t able to handle Menika in presence of him.

He goes from there while Ram’s mother worries about him and Dulari consoles her, at that time Ram sneezed and transformed to Shyam. Menika happily comes there with marriage stuffs but gets scared seeing shyam, she ask about Rudra Prasad to which koyal tells her that their plan got ruined, Shyam makes fun of Menika and ask Dulari to get ready for their marriage while she acts to be reluctant.

Menika packs her belongings when koyal asked what is she doing? To which Menika says she is leaving, koyal says that she can’t go like this! And ask her to think of some plans, Menika says that of she wants to marry Ram then she have to accept shyam too, while koyal declares that she can never accept shyam.

At that time Ram’s mother comes there and shares her painful experience handling Ram’s Father split personality disorder, koyal gets worried. She imagines her life with Ram and Shyam after marriage and shouts that she can’t handle them, she questions Ram’s mother as how she coped up with Ram’s father disorder?

To which she replies that by drinking chilli kadha, koyal thinks about it while Dulari laughs hearing their conversation and runs to patang and Ram saying that it’s going according to their plan. She tells how frightened koyal is while Patang and Ram ask to proceed to next part of their plan, they keeps discussing when koyal hears them talking and gets freezed at her place.

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