Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 9th December 2020 Written Update: Shyam and Kinkshuk agrees on the battle to win Dulari

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Episode starts with Patang seeing Koyal spying on them and ask Ram to start his acting, Ram changed to shyam and declares that he will marry Dulari and will take her to night club while everyone gasp in shock. Dulari says that her Ram will stop him to which he replies that he had taken over Ram, koyal gets stunned.

Ram ask Patang to speak like him and Patang obliged while Ram praises him and ask to keep his collar up, he goes from there while Dulari starts her drama saying that she got stuck with Ram and Shyam while Patang advice her to let Koyal marry Ram and get rid of this problem, Dulari cries while koyal gets scared and goes from there, Dulari and patang break into fits of laughter remembering Koyal’s scared face.

Koyal goes to Menika and ask to do something as only 1hour is left for the marriage, while Menika reply that she won’t go against her husband and looks at Kinkshuk, she pressurize koyal to convince him while koyal started her melo drama in front of PadmaBhushan.

He says that all the problems are due to them only and didn’t agreed to her pleads, but Koyal says she can never forget Ram as she have stayed single only for him and waited so long to get him, Menika was about to go back to jhasi along with PadmaBhushan when he stopped her and she smirks seeing her plan working and hugs koyal tightly. Koyal thanked PadmaBhushan while he smiles at her and ask Menika to handle shyam anyhow.

Ram stands near the window when Dulari comes there and praises his acting as shyam, she smiles and ask if he have any plan? To which he nods and tells her about what to do next making her smile go wide.

Kinkshuk brings light to decorate the house excitedly for marriage while koyal makes him relaise that it’s not his but Shyam’s marriage with Dulari, kinkshuk gets angry and declares that he will kill shyam. At that time Dulari comes there and blames kinkshuk for not doing anything to get her back while koyal gets suspicious and confront Dulari saying that she knows dulari doesn’t live kinkshuk and so why is she acting to be against marriage with Ram?

To which Dulari replies that she love Ram dearly but can’t bear shyam along with him, she further forwards her hand for friendship towards Koyal saying sooner or later she will be her sister-in-law while Koyal says that she will accept her friendship only after she will be married to kinkshuk, Dulari provoked kinkshuk against shyam while he shouts that he won’t leave him.

Kinkshuk goes towards shyam and shouts his name, he holds his collar declares that only he will marry Dulari while shyam stayed silent clearifying that he is Ram and agrees to kinkshuk saying that Dulari will be his only. At that time koyal comes forward and complains about shyam while Ram ask her to relax as he is controlling shyam since his childhood and would not let him come during the wedding but suddenly gets transformed to Shyam and slaps kinkshuk vigorously, Koyal shouts at Shyam while Dulari praises kinkshuk for his bravery making him blush. Dulari further declares that she wants a swayamvar for her marriage while Shyam and kinkshuk agrees for the compitition. Dulari again praises kinkshuk and says that she will pray for his win while he keeps blushing, koyal and Menika ask him to opt out but he denies.

Koyal and Menika keep pacing here and there while koyal ask her to think something to save kinkshuk from the swayamvar, at that moment they hear the announcement of swayamvar from patang and gets shocked.

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