Ramayan 14th April 2020 Written Update: Ram attends royal court

Ramayan 14th April 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode begins with Ram and his brothers are unable to sleep on the luxurious bed, they says their gurukul place was more comfortable to sleep. Bharat asks what to do now? Ram gives them their gurukul clothes and asks them to wear that and they sleeps on terrace. Shatrughan asks can’t they go outside palace? Bharat says if they did then Dasharatha will get to know that they are not in their room and they sleeps there peacefully. They wakes up hearing the bell sound. Kaushalya and Sumitra comes there.

Kaushalya asks what they are doing here and says she was searching them in their room and shocked not finding them there. Sumitra says they are used to sleep on gurukul so they would not able to sleep on luxurious bed. Ram says Sumitra is right. Kaushalya asks them to get ready saying today is special day because today Dasharatha listens people’s problems in royal court. She asks them to come for breakfast after bathing.

In mithila, Chandrabhaga doesn’t eats anything thinking about Kushadhwaja. Sunaina says if Chandrabhaga stays hungry that’s not gonna change anything and Shrutakirti, Mandavi too not eating anything because of her. Sunaina feeds Chandrabhaga. Chandrabhaga asks Shrutakirti and Mandavi to eat. Shrutakirti asks when Kushadhwaja will be back? Sita says with victory news he will be back soon.

Shrutakirti asks is that true? Sita asks her to close her eyes and imagine he returns with victory news and he is playing with her. Shrutakirti imagines that and asks when it will happen? Urmila says for that Shrutakirti have to eat lot then only she will have strength to play with Kushadhwaja. Shrutakirti asks them to serve more food and eats happily. Janak sees Sita proudly.

In ayodhya, one old lady tries to reach front place of the royal court but security stops her saying she can’t go there because that place is for brahmins and high profile people. Old lady says everytime same thing happens in royal court and she doesn’t able to tell her problems to king. Security asks her to write her problems in letter and he will give that to king.

Old lady says she is illiterate then how can she write. Ram and his brothers notices that. Kaushalya comes there and says it’s time to meet their people to listen their problems. Dasharatha takes his sons with him. Royal court begins, one of the brahmin asks king to help them to make special staircase near the river and only brahmins should use that. Dasharatha agrees to fulfill their wish and just listens high profile people’s problems and leaves from there. That old lady cries seeing that, Ram notices her.

In mithila, Sita and her sisters reaches forest to see gold deer. Urmila asks does gold deer exists in real because she never heard about them till now? Shrutakirti says if Sita saying then that will be true only. Mandavi says she is feeling sleepy they should reach palace. Shrutakirti says they can wait few more minutes. Sita says they will come some other day and leaves from there with her sisters and thinks she will see gold deer one day for sure.

In ayodhya, Dasharatha tells Kaikeyi that the people are so happy. Kaikeyi says in their kingdom everyone stays happy always. She asks about what Ram thinking deeply? Ram asks Dasharatha that did he ever met the kingdom’s people to know about their condition, he ever went to their houses, did he ever inquired about their health, did he ever asked their problems?

He says he is not talking about the brahmins and high profile people instead he is talking about the normal people. Dasharatha says king doesn’t meets their people directly. Ram asks why? Dasharatha says that’s the rule and there should be distance between king and people.

Episode ends.