Reaction of fans with Vidhi Pandya entering Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2.

Kanikka Kapur and Vidhi Pandya Pics
Reaction of fans with Vidhi Pandya entering Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2.

Fans of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 are sad and feel dejected as their dear Suman has been changed. With Kanikka Kapur’s exit from the show, fans are tweeting and raising this motion to boycott the show as without Kanika they can’t imagine Shravan and Suman. This has affected the TRP of the show. With a twist of Shravan missing and now found, the makers seem to struggle with various storylines to make viewers feel that this show is important to them.

Though Vidhi Pandya is doing an amazing jobs, the feelings of viewers are connected to Kanika and this is leading to a protest. The viewers need to understand that there isn’t anyone’s fault. With both the family members thinking that both their children will be happy together. Finally the viewers are getting to see the families saying yes but this time the family is not there.

With Suman and Shravan being happy by seeing their family come togther. This is a track that could have brought smiles on the face of so many viewers, now there are very few of the true fans left so the makers are extending this phase where family is discussing about Suman and Shravan’s marriage on a positive note.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see both the parents will disagree on some point and a small fight will occur and the couple here will worry. Though Suman and Shravan will make their familt Understand how important they are for each other yet there will be instances with ego crash and thought mismatch.

Vidhi is doing a great job and is seen trying to match to the expectations the viewers have from Suman. Moreover the makers need to bring their viewers using Shravan and showing a good story line.

Will the wedding bells ring for the couple? Will the fans accept Suman played by the fans? What will be in store for Suman and Shravan? Will both the families agree? Will Shravan tackle this problem well? Will veiwers get to see the grand wedding of their favourite couple? Keep following this space for more.

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