Read out why fans demand to bring back ‘Story 9 Months Ki’!

Starring Sukriti Kandpal and Aashay Mishra in the lead, show Story 9 Months Ki abrupt ending amid the coronavirus crisis upset shows loyal fan.

Show content was based on the subjective topic IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Alia who dreams to have a baby with her husband was shattered post she found him cheating upon her. Alia lives an independent life and achieved all her goals. She further decided to have a baby through IVF. Sarang Pandey than makes an entry in her life and accidentally becomes Alia’s IVF donor too. Later, in the show fans enjoyed the journey of Alia and Sarang.

The makers of the show was bringing good twist and turns in the show. But shows abrupt ending saddened the loyal fans. Fans on social media in the recent past trends to bring back the show to give it a proper closure. Under the hastag “SONY BRING BACK S9MK”; fans quoted all the reasons why they want show back on their screen.

@aashayehaashay: I missed my show’s trend, but I’ll still tweet… this show has been something so beautiful, that it brings that warmth… touching on those human sentiments and emotions, that was never touched by Indian television. SONY BRING BACK S9MK —

@itssrj_hxt: I never watch any television serial but randomly watched this serial’s first episode… I got surprised to see unique theme, very nice actors, thereafter watched its all episode n found brilliant.. SONY BRING BACK S9MK

@Nvm_idku: Their journeys as individuals & together as saralia has been impeccable. Now we want to see them become the parents they always yearned for. A closure. A complete journey. Don’t deprive us from this rare ITV product SONY BRING BACK S9MK

@SarAlia08813503: This show will always have a special place in my heart and if it doesn’t come back then along with a little scar, but still will be most favourite and special SONY BRING BACK S9MK

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