Relationships are too complex to blame anyone party alone for them going south

By Anil Merani| Sony med show Dhadkan Zindagi Kii focuses on the burning issue of infidelity. Sadly as Dr Vikrant ( Rohit Purohit) pointed out last night, why is the woman only hauled over the coals in such cases? No one questions the man about why he betrayed his wife. He is given a free pass under the guise men will be men.

Vikrant’s sister crossed the line completely when she publically abused Deepika( Additi Gupta) regarding her relationship with him. Glad he called her out, yet for a long time, he enjoyed the patriarchal advantage ( he does not even know how to pack his bag)

Also, one more thing, suddenly Vikrant is being shown as a good guy. Usually, long-term drug addicts lose the plot under fire, but he is entirely in control here.

I also fully endorse the theory that you can fall out of love after years of marriage. Abhay( Vidyut Xavier ) realises that his dad was not an ogre for walking out on his mother.

Still (life is not black or white), Is Vikrant’s wife Aditi( Benaf Dadachandji) wrong in saving her ten-year wedlock investment. I hope a time comes when she accepts that she is chasing shadows and cuts a deal with Vikrant. In real life, though, the issue of alimony becomes a deal-breaker

Teen prodigy Esha hits the nail on its head when she refuses to blame anyone and asks everyone to back off.

Also, from an emotional point of view, how will Vikrant and Deepika and all those who support them ( Abhay and Siya) feel if the shoe was in the other foot.
It is easy to be sanctimonious ( on both sides of the divide)yet tough to address the relevant elephants in the room. For Aditi, why did she say yes to marriage knowing Vikrant’s past) And Vikrant needs to answer if it is right on his part to call time on his marriage just because Deepika has returned

It would have been better had Vikrant admitted that his earlier view of not having a hands-on working wife was wrong.

In closing, we give kudos to the makers (Nilanjana Purkayasstha & Herumb Khot) for sensitively addressing these double social standards sans over the top melodrama.