#Relive: Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1

MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan that was high on romance, comedy and drama; successfully ran for one year with two seasons and gave the most unforgettable Jodi in the form of ‘MANAN’.

Fan’s loved the show and the Jodi of MANAN (Maink and Nandini) so much that it made makers to come back with the season 3 of the series which premiered on Voot.

Starring Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor in the lead show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan has won many hearts.

So, today will take you down to the memory lane down of the story of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. Right from how Manik Malhotra and Nandini first met to how they tuned into MANAN- check out the story below and relive Kaisi Yeh Yaarina Season1.

Shows story starts with Nandini and Navya who joined the hands together to save Shahid who was harassed by FAB5, at SPACE Academy from committing suicide. The head of SPACE; Nyonika Malhotra (character played by Kisher Merchant) who is also Manik’s mother to save her college reputation offers scholarship to Nandini and Navya.

Afterwards, Nandini and Navya get targeted by college famous band FAB5 and face the trouble. As the result, Nandini slapped Manik Malhotra (head of FAB5) for misbehaving with her and she became the main target of Manik. Manik troubles her the most and afterwards the circumstances brought the duo closer. Nandini and Manik falls for each other but the duo separated their ways after Manik learned that Dhruv too has a soft corner for Nandini.

Manik parted his way from Nandini and tells to her that the love confession from his side was fake. Heartbroken Nandini ends her relationship with Manik. Meanwhile, Nandini’s best friend, Navya falls for Harshad but Nandini came to know the evil side of Harshad and exposed him in front of all. Further, when Dhruv proposes his love for Nandini, she rejected his proposal.

Later, Manik to gain Nandini’s attention back decides to prove himself in front of her. Soon after that Soha Khurana enters as the passionate fan of Manik Malhotra and tries to make her place in his heart. Nandini got to know about Soha and she once again came close to Manik to keep Soha away from him. But Soha’s father manipulates Nandini and she once again distanced herself from him thinking he is happier without her. There, Soha’s obsession for Manik made her extra possessive for him and she planned to murder Nandini. She risked Nandini’s live but she gets saved by Manik.  And Soha herself lost her life in the fire which she has set for Nandini.  Ahead, Manik proved not guilty in the court in Soha’s case. Afterwards, Nandini and Manik became official couple and confessed the love for each other.

The duos life took a turn when Soha’s brother Aryaman enters the scene to avenge the MANAN for his sister’s death but his misunderstanding got cleared during the Talent Hunt competition at S.P.A.C.E. And he apologized to FAB5, Nandini and Navya. Ahead, Aryaman throws a dinner party after FAB5 won the Talent Hunt Competition but the season 1 ended to a tragic note. On the dinner night Nandini waits for Manik as he has promised her that he will come to pick her. Manik and Kabir heads towards Nandini’s home but before they could have arrived the duos car met with an accident which was planned by Nyonika for Nandini.

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Wait for #Relive Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season2 till then enjoy season1.

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