‘Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai’ on Pocket FM is a rollercoaster of Love, Loss, and Unseen Twists

“Love is like a fire. Whether it warms your heart or burns down your house, you can never predict.” This saying by Joan Crawford perfectly captures the essence of Pocket FM’s audio series, ‘Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai.’ The narrative opens with Naina and Kartik, whose love story takes an unexpected turn when shadows from the past come to light.

Writer Tarun Jangid’s writing skillfully navigates the complexities of emotions, drawing listeners into the lives of characters grappling with love, jealousy, and unforeseen challenges. The pace of the story is well-paced, offering moments of reflection and anticipation. The hook points strategically placed throughout the series make it an irresistible journey, urging you to uncover the next chapter in this enthralling tale.


Naina’s journey, entwined with Aryan and Kartik, creates a dynamic and emotionally charged narrative. Jangid weaves a tapestry of love, loss, and redemption that resonates with authenticity. The jealousy simmering between Kartik and Aryan adds a layer of tension, making each episode a captivating experience.

As the plot thickens with conspiracies and unexpected twists, the listener is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. The tragic turn of events adds depth and poignancy, ensuring an emotional connection that lingers.

To embark on this riveting saga of love and destiny, download the Pocket FM app and let the spellbinding storytelling of “Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai” transport you to a world where every episode is a new revelation.