Revisiting the journey of love Mini and Neil is a binge-watch in Quarantine

Sony TV’s one of the most popular shows Patiala Babes is currently witnessing the love story between Neil and Mini. Patiala babes the show which is best known for its content and very realistic approach and execution is finally having the love story of this new generation on board in the current storyline.

However, during this quarantine period, let us review the love story of a chef and a restaurant owner and how they put perfect spice in the lives of each other and maintain the salt of their responsibility and never let the sugar like innocence die out from their relationship.

We all know Mini came back to Patiala leaving her job and career in Australia incomplete to fulfill the responsibility of an elder sister and also to take care of Arya. Once she was back, she decided that she will take over the restaurant of our mother and will bring it to the position again where it was earlier.

Neil, on the other hand, is in search of a job in a new city and both of them completed their quest in each other. Mini gets a chef for her restaurant “Patiala Babes” who can cook dishes perfectly and even if it is really not like her mother Babita but it has a different texture and taste. Nail finally gets a job so that he can continue his other expenses and also can pay the rent to his landlord.

Things between them do not end here, Neil and Minnie started with arguments and lots of differences of opinion between them but deep down however they are connected with a traumatized past and of course war with circumstances and challenges of life.

The first thing which brings Neil and mini close to each other is their passion and dedication for work. Mini is determined to make the restaurant work so that she can run the education of Arya smoothly and also can save the dream of her mother so that she can set an example that women who want to lead their life on their own terms can also get succeeded. Neel wants to make a living for himself in a strange city but is not ready to compromise with his culinary skills at any cost, something that is really admirable and refreshing on television.

Maybe the first step Neil takes towards the heart of Mini when he shows affection and genuine care for her younger sister Arya. Arya who is fond of Neil and his cooking skills from day 1 got mixed with him very easily which appeals to Mini because kids are the ones who can easily identify the genuine affection of a person.

Things went to a different level when Arya meets with an accident and Mini out of all our family members and friends wants specifically to be with her in the hospital as her support system. By working together and facing the challenges of life in different ways both of them find each other beside them.

Neil was moved and motivated to a great extent from Mini when he gets to know about how much this girl has struggled in her life from an early age. She never accepted defeat from the challenges of life. Who is standing strong all alone in this while finally gets a shoulder to lean on with Neil?

However, they haven’t confessed their feelings for each other clearly in words but their care, love, and affection for each other and support each other in any crisis is what makes their love pure and prominent. It is a very rare concept specifically in Indian television where a person who is in love with another person used to open up about his past before getting into a committed relationship.

Neil chooses to let Mini know and decide about their future only after knowing everything about his past life. The transparency, trust, support which they both have for each other in any situation is one of the reasons why they are soulmates and perfect partners. The love story of Mini and Neil may not be a fairytale but it is an extraordinary story of two ordinary people.