Revisiting the Top 5 Scenes of Yehh Jadoo Hain Jinn Ka in this quarantine period

The sudden Quarantine in this covid-19 situation made things difficult for everybody around the globe. Everybody is missing their regular life and activities and caught inside their house for a never-ending period of time. At this time, everybody is looking for something or other to spend their time. Hence we bring to you some memorable moments from the show Yehh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka which can help you out to spend some nice moment in this period.

The cosmic connection of Roshan: Aman and Roshni who are better known as Roshan first meet each other without actually meeting face to face. Now you wonder why we are saying they met but didn’t meet face to face!! Well the ardent fans of the show can surely recall, Aman and Roshni defeated Jinn together without being together for the first time. The cosmic connection which brought them together in need as Roshni lands up in Junaid Bhawan accidentally and Aman was able to defeat Jinn.

Roshan Marriage : I don’t think any die heart fans of this show can ever forget the actual and first marriage sequence of Aman and Roshni. A Misunderstanding which leads them to marriage with each other and again unknowingly Aman saved Roshni from a fake marriage and Roshni finally landed up in a house where she deserves to be. They say right, everything is about destiny, ppl don’t get anything more than destiny.

Roshni saving Aman : The main turning point of the show was the death sequence of Roshni. No doubt it must be a sad affair for the fans of the show. One of the most remarkable episodes of the show was when Roshni breathes her last to save Aman from the attack of Red Moon and Kabir. In spite of being away from each other, she can sense the danger of Aman and her love for him made her come on the spot. She took the arrows on herself to save Aman from the heat and as a result, she dies with the thought of never being loved and he realises he is always in love with her.

Aman becomes Jinnath Ka Badshah : The story of Jadu Hai jinka has always been exciting and interesting. The twist and turns of the story was always something different and unique. Hence when Aman and Roshni are getting back together with each other finally, there comes a point when the show reveals one of the most shocking realities about his mother, Parveen.

Like who can forget that fateful night when Aman was almost going to kill by his mother but Roshni saves him and accidentally he becomes the king of Jinnath by holding the sword in his hand. He is trying to stay away from the life of Jinn and magic. However destiny has some other plans for him and his life. The whole sequence had so much to watch out for as the future was decided by this only.

Aman & Roshni Reunites for family : It is no shocking thing that the love story of Roshan has never been a cake walk for them. They had endless problems and hurdles in their relationship. All these problems can never come between their love and their care for the family.

In spite of being separated for more than one year, when the family needs their support to fight against Kabir. Aman and Roshni come together once again hand in hand and rescue the family members and also their house from the clutches of Kabir and Red moon.

Well these are some remarkable scenes from the show which we would love to give a re watch in this Quarantine period. Tell us which are your favourite scenes from the show and how many times you would love to rewatch them in this period?For more updates keep watching this space.