Riddhima challenge Vansh in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2!

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Drama to galore in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Riddhima and Vansh’s marriage. Vansh will ask Riddhima not to dig past as it will hurt her only. Riddhima gets adamant to find the truth of her Parents hence, challenge Vansh that she will reach the truth before their wedding. Vansh will accept the challenge and will decide to block Riddhima’s way. Now it will be interesting to watch who amid Riddhima and Vansh will win the challenge.

Last we reported, Riddhima spikes Daadis’ drink and learns from her that Vansh was a juvenile delinquent. Riddhima decides to dig dip into to the matter to know what crime Vansh did. She decides to escape the house to find the truth. Kabir once again helps Riddhima to connect more dots. He thinks the more Riddhima will get closer to Vansh’s past it will be easy for him to destroy both. Here, Riddhima bumps into Vansh. Vansh asks Riddhima why she is stressed. Riddhima makes an excuse and tells to Vansh that she is going to get ready. She also tell to Vansh that till sangeet she won’t be able to show her face as Daadi asked her. Vansh tries to get closer to Riddhima but Riddhima pushes him back and asks him to wait till wedding.

Afterwards, Riddhima seek househelper help and replaces her in veil. She walks out from the house to learn why Vansh was at Juvenile centre. Centre head informs Vansh that her wife is enquiring about him. Vansh gets shocked learning how Riddhima got to learn about his past. Here, Kabir gets happy thinking he is close to his mission.

Vansh unveils and find Riddhima at the house and gets confused if she is here than who went to juvenile centre. Later, Riddhima confronts Vansh about hiding past from her. Vansh says to Riddhima past is painful and will hurt her the most. Riddhima says to Vansh that she has a right to learn about her Parents death being an orphan.

It will be interesting to watch, do Riddhima and Vansh’s clash over past will separate the duo. Well time will only tell. Stay tuned with us for more news, spoilers and latest updates.