Riddhima to dig her past, Vansh worries to lose Riddhima in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2!

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Colors TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 never fails to amaze the audience with their interesting twist and turns.

Current track of the show is enjoyed by the fans as they like Vansh’s obsession for Riddhima. Ishq Mein Marjawan is romantic thriller and masses feel with the current track, show is justifying its genre. The episodes are revolving around Vansh trying to hide Riddhima’s Parents mystery ever since he saw a locket whose other half he has kept with him. Here, Kabir is trying his best to instigate Riddhima against Singhania’s and giving her hint to solve her past mystery. Kabir thinks his manipulation will help Riddhima to get separated from Vansh as latter is connected with Riddhima’s past.

Riddhima learns from her warden that her Parents met with an accident and they found her at accident spot. She discloses that an ambassador car crushed her Parents. Other side, Vansh unveil the same car and fear losing Riddhima. He decides to bury the past as he can’t afford to lose Riddhima again. There, Riddhima decides to solve her past mystery.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see, Riddhima will reach the car. She will think why an old car is hidden at backyard. Riddhima will go inside the car to look for some proof. Here, Ishani will ask Vansh to burn the car and let go off his past. Vansh will burn the car with Riddhima inside. It will be interesting to watch how Riddhima will manage to save herself. How Vansh will react learning Riddhima knows about the car. Well, keep watching the show mon-sat to unfold mysteries.

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