Ridhima turns Vansh’s bride, Kabir enters VR Mansion: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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Colors drama Ishq Mein Marjawan is all set to witness interesting twist.

The makers of the show have released a shocking promo where it is seen, Vansh challenges Ridhima that within 3 days he will turn her Mrs. Vansh Raj Singhania after Ridhima decides to walk out from his mansion. The wedding track in the show will get more intense when Kabir will enter the VR mansion as a chef. How much excited you all are for this upcoming episode tell us in the comment box below. Check out the promo below.

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In the so far episodes it is seen, Vansh gets the transmitter. He brings it and interrogates Ridhima. Ridhima says it is not her. Angre connects the transmitter and Kabir catches the signal. He changes his voice and takes Aryan’s name. Aryan asks Vansh to believe him its Ridhima is behind it. Vansh gives Aryan a time to prove his innocence.

Further, Riddhima tries to send Kabir the signal that her life is in danger. There, Vansh thinks to catch Ridhima red-handed. Ridhima throws red cloth out from the window and Aryan catches her. He tells to Vansh about the same. Vansh interrogates Ridhima again and Ridhima tells to Vansh that she was just throwing nails out from the house as his grandmother said to do. Angre brings the red cloth and Vansh find nails in it.

Ahead, Kabir comes to meet Ridhima. The duos share the hug. Kabir then Kabir asks Ridhima to abort the mission and come with him. Meanwhile, Vansh interrupts the duos. Ridhima thinks she and Kabir is caught by Vansh but Kabir runs out from the mansion.

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