Rishton Ka Manjha 16th September 2021 Written Update: Tina insults Diya

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The episode starts with Ajit trying to know about Arjun’s whereabouts. Ajit gets call from Diya who asks for support. Diya says if he allows her to play badminton she can win state championship then she can get a job too. She wants to help Mohan. Ajit thinks she is demanding, but he can’t refuse her else she will refuse to marry him. He thinks it will benefit him as Diya will earn money for him. Ajit allows Diya to play badminton without questioning. Diya tells him not to inform about it to Mohan. Ajit promises her. Diya gets surprised that Ajit agreed so easily. She says means it’s not the end of her badminton. She can start her training.

Luv and Amitabh discuss about Arjun’s grand wedding. Arjun looks for Madhuri. Madhuri, Tina and Deepika are going to meet Diya in car. Tina says she knows how to reach Diya. Madhuri says they won’t talk to her much but she just wants to know why Arjun is meeting Diya frequently. Tina says she will also talk to her about something important.

Mohan talks to one person and says he will reach on time. Doorbell rings and Mohan opens the door. Madhuri, Tina and Deepika enter the house. Mohan thinks they must be Diya’s uncle Gagan’s relatives. Tina gets irked seeing the house. She says Diya stays in such a cheap place but hangs out with a rich guy like Arjun. She has guts. Diya recognises Madhuri and tells Mohan that she helped one old lady in the market that day. They are her family. Madhuri says that old lady is her mother in law. She thanks her for helping Arjun and his grandma both. Diya gets shocked to learn that Madhuri is Arjun’s mother. Mohan remembers the name Arjun Agrawal and thinks because of him Diya’s first marriage proposal got rejected. Arjun is that corrupt player.

Amitabh asks Niharika where Madhuri went. Niharika informs Madhuri went to Diya’s house. Arjun overhears that and asks Niharika why Madhuri went to Diya’s house in early morning. She could have informed him, he would have dropped her there. Niharika lies to Arjun that Madhuri went to thank Diya for saving grandma. Later Arjun taunts Amitabh who still doesn’t understand Madhuri. He says he wants to drink coffee.

Madhuri questions Diya about the Academy drama that day. Diya explains everything that how Arjun helped her in Jamshedpur and she helped him back after seeing him in trouble in Academy. She had no other intentions at all. Mohan says Diya has no connection with Arjun. She stays away from all the drama. Police also came for interrogation so they don’t want any further problem. Diya will soon get married. Madhuri says Arjun is also getting married to Tina. Tina says she is Arjun’s would be wife. She indirectly taunts Diya. Madhuri gifts a expensive necklace to Diya but the latter says she can’t take it. She genuinely helped Arjun but she doesn’t want something in return. Rama thinks how can Diya reject such an expensive gift. Later Mohan tells them to sit. Diya shows Tina her room and Tina taunts her saying she understands all her tricks how she wants to trap Arjun for money by her extra sweet behaviour. Arjun drinks alcohol and Diya is just showing fake concern to him. Tina insults her and Diya shuts her up saying means her real intention of coming to their house is this. Diya says Tina is rich but talks ill about poor people. She says she bumped into Arjun doesn’t mean she is interested in Arjun. It was nothing but a coincidence. Tina suddenly acts like she was joking and she says she is very bad at acting. She then invites Diya for her marriage and leaves. Diya recalls her moments with Arjun.

Episode ends

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