Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Written Update: Arjun gives valuable advice to Diya

Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Diya saying she cleaned the court. Now they can start their practice. She sees some balloons and asks whose birthday it is. Arjun gives her a feather and tells her to burst those balloons by jumping constantly. Diya gets tired after a certain point of time and falls down. Arjun takes off her shoes and sees her feet. He shows concern to her and asks her if she is alright.

Niharika talks about an expensive necklace and Tina gifts her that. Niharika gets happy and Luv calls her as Amitabh wants to talk to her. Diya drinks water and Arjun gives her pain relieving spray. Diya says she doesn’t want that. She is not that hurt. Arjun says today’s training is finished and he tells her to pack her bag and get into his car. Diya gets surprised and says she only did cleaning and bursted balloons. They didn’t play badminton. Arjun says Diya is still not ready to play badminton yet. She needs discipline first. Diya gets offended thinking Arjun is questioning her capabilities. She says she won many matches without even practicing so Arjun should not underestimate her. Arjun says state level championship is not that easy to win. Opponent player will easily make her lose. Diya gives racket to Arjun and challenges him saying they should play badminton now and if he loses they will start the proper practice. Arjun ignores her and says they will go home now. Diya provokes Arjun saying he got scared what if he loses to his student thus he doesnt want to play. Arjun accepts her challenge and gets ready to play with her.

Karan calls Tina and the latter tells him don’t talk crap about Arjun else she won’t spare him. She tells him to come to the point. Karan says Tina is busy in marriage shopping but Arjun is spending time with middle class girl Diya. Tina gets angry and says she is coming to meet Karan right now. Karan calls her in his office. Arjun throws badminton cocks at Diya and the latter fails to give them a shot and Arjun says she should not be self obsessed. Her aim should be on the target else the opponent player will smash her. Diya sits upset and Arjun gives her water. He says misconception and pride both are dangerous in this play his coach taught him.

Diya looks at him. There Karan fixes the eligibility test date on 4th October that’s Arjun’s wedding date too. Karan says now he will see how Arjun motivates Diya. He will destroy him. Tina comes and asks Karan what’s the proof that Arjun is with Diya. Karan says his men saw Diya and Arjun together and he is training Diya for eligibility test match. Tina gets shocked to learn that. Arjun drinks alcohol and looks at Diya. Tina tells Karan he wants her to stop Arjun from using Diya to destroy him. Karan says he thinks there’s something brewing between Arjun and Diya. Tina says nothing like that. Karan says he won’t let Arjun come to the badminton world again. Tina says she will support Karan. Karan says he has a surprise for Arjun on his wedding day. Tina says she doesn’t want any drama on that day. Karan says he has a solution.

Arjun gives food to Diya as she must be hungry. Diya eats it and Arjun drinks alcohol. Diya asks him why he drinks alcohol too much. Arjun tells her to mind her own business. Arjun drives the car and Diya falls asleep. Arjun reaches and looks at sleeping Diya. Diya wakes up and asks him why he didn’t wake her up. Later she is about to come out of car and notices Mohan. Diya gets nervous and hides her face behind Arjun and the latter stares at her.

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