Rishton Ka Manjha 20th September 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s ignorance hurts Tina

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The episode starts with Diya hiding her face behind Arjun seeing Mohan. Later she comes out of the car and leaves. Mohan gives two lakhs to Meera and gives some jewels. She asks how he arranged the money. Mohan says Ma Durga’s blessings are with them. Diya reaches home and Mohan asks her where did she go. Diya says she was out for a walk. Mohan says tomorrow Ajit’s parents will come to see her. He says Ajit is a nice guy who does social work too, he will take care of Diya. Diya nods. Later she requests Meera to handle Mohan till her eligibility test match day comes. She will come late.

Karan calls press conference and announces the eligibility test match date. He also says Diya will compete with whom. Radu overhears that and informs Arjun that Karan played his card. The match will happen on 4th October. Arjun says he knew it. Mohan notices Diya is sleeping and he wonders why she slept so early as if she is tired. Meera says Diya wants to look good for Ajit’s parents so she must be feeling nervous and slept early.

Arjun calls Diya but she doesn’t receive it as she is sleeping. Madhuri shows necklaces of Tina to grandma. Arjun comes and asks them when will the marriage rituals start. He will reach on time. Madhuri asks what nonsense question is this. Ajrun can’t create scene on his wedding day. It’s about his father’s reputation too. He won’t go anywhere. Arjun says he has to go out for some urgent work. Grandma says marriage rituals will start at 10 pm before that Arjun should come back. Arjun goes to his room and checks in his laptop how the opponent player of Diya plays. He writes on board the game starts now.

Diya wakes up at 6:30 am. She gets shocked thinking she is already late. She gets ready and checks Arjun’s missed calls. She wonders why Arjun called her. Meera says she told Mohan Diya is going for shopping but she should return back soon. Diya leaves after saying bye to her.

Arjun sees the ladies are discussing about marriage preparations in the morning. Madhuri tries to stop Arjun from leaving but he doesn’t pay heed. Tina says they are going to get married so why Arjun is not spending time with her. Arjun says Tina can go for shopping and he likes her choice. Tina says she will accompany Arjun if he is going for morning walk. Arjun says he is not sure where he is going. He leaves. Tina fumes and says if her suspicion comes true she won’t spare Diya. She informs Karan about Diya and Arjun’s meet up for the practice and Karan says his men are spying on Arjun and Diya.

Diya waits for Arjun and Ajit comes there. Diya thanks him for supporting her dreams. Later Arjun comes on time and asks her who she was talking to. Diya says that was Ajit. She will make him meet Ajit one day.

Diya asks Arjun why he called her but he tells her start her warm up. Diya gets distracted thinking why he called her yesterday. Arjun checks Diya’s opponent player’s game. Karan tells Tina where Arjun and Diya are now. Tina says send me the address. Karan tells Tina to make Arjun understand that he should not reenter badminton world else he will face humiliation again for that Diya. Tina is about to leave and Madhuri asks her where she is going. Tina makes excuse and Madhuri thinks Tina will make Arjun happy.

Episode ends

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