Rishton Ka Manjha 21st October 2021 Written Update: Tina decides to stay in Agarwal mansion

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The episode starts with Arjun’s grandmother and Arjun comes to the room where Diya is and asks is the pain is too much. Diya tells that she is fine now but Arjun tells that he is going to apply the ointment and asks her to show her feet. Diya tells Arjun that he don’t have to touch her feet and asks him to give the ointment but Arjun refuses saying that he will take care of her sprain. Arjun’s grandmother tells Diya to let Arjun take care of her. Arjun takes Diya’s feet in his hand and starts applying the ointment. Diya looks at Arjun. Arjun says to Diya that if she feels the pain tomorrow also then he will take her to the doctor. Amitabh tells Tina that he is ashamed of what Arjun done to her. He also tells that he always wanted her to be his daughter in law but everything change and she went through so much pain because of that only so if she wants she can go back to her house because he don’t want to get her hurt.

Tina gets shocked. She then tells Amitabh that she started considering this house as her’s and it’s not easy to forget all the memories of those rituals she done before marriage and she wants to stay here until Diya completes her all the rituals. Madhuri shouts that Diya won’t perform any of these rituals. Shobha tells Mohan that she don’t understand why all of the security started hehaving rudely with them. Bablu comes there and asks his parents did they meet Diya and what she send for him. Meera gets angry and tells that they got insulted by Arjun’s family and they are worried about Diya because they don’t know how everyone is behaving with her in that house. Mohan asks Meera to not to show her anger on a kid. He then tells that he is sure that Arjun will never let anyone hurt Diya. Meera tells that they can’t able to contact Diya because her mobile is here only also Arjun is neither calling them nor answering her and the securities words that Diya will return to the house soon is bothering her the most. Mohan consoles her.

Madhuri tells that she won’t let Diya perform any of the ritual. Amitabh tells Tina to stay in this house as long as she wants and leaves the room. Deepika brings saree for Diya to change. She also asks her to tell if she wants anything. Then Arjun’s grandmother and Deepika talks about how Madhuri is upset with this marriage and she won’t allow to do the rituals but Arjun tells them that Diya is a daughter in law of this house so she will perform all the rituals. Tina tells Madhuri that now Diya is their daugher in law and she has to accept this truth no matter what. Madhuri leaves the room angrily saying that she won’t let Diya go near badminton also asks Niharika to keep an eye on Diya. Niharika praises Tina for having a big heart and forgiving these people.

Tina tells that Arjun left her for badminton and the one thing that lead Arjun to marry is also badminton so her motive is to sntach that badminton from Arjun’s life and she wants to see how Arjun and Diya is going to live as huband and wife after that. Luv says to Amitabh that he is getting so many calls asking why Arjun married a middle class Bengali girl and asks about her identity and background. He tells that Arjun humiliated them. Arjun’s grandmother comes there and tells that people will definitely talk bad about them behind their back but they have to do all the rituals and asks to make the arrangements. Amitabh tells his mother that people are calling him and asking him so much questions already and if they do this ritual then they will be brave enough to question him already so rituals won’t happen. Arjun’s grandmother tells that Arjun is deteemined to make Diya perform all the rituals and if they go against his wishes then they won’t hesitate to leave the house with Diya. Amitabh and Madhuri gets shocked.

Diya thinks that Mohan must be worried about her and she don’t even have mobile to call him. Arjun comes there and gives her his mobile saying that she must be missing his father so asks her to talk to him. Diya calls Mohan. Mohan gets happy. Meera and Bablu also comes there. Mohan asks Diya how is she and how everyone is treating her also tells that he is worried about her. Diya smiles and tells Mohan that he don’t have to worry about her because everyone here accepted her and she is performing the rituals one after another and because of that she didn’t get time to call him so asks him not to worry. She then talks to Bablu who tells her that he will visit her and bring her a gift. Meera asks Mohan to tell Diya how they got insulted. Mohan tells that he knows that then asks Diya to talk to her mother. Meera advices Diya to adjust with Arjun’s family members and asks not to get into an argument with them also asks her to be obedient.

Diya says okay. She then lies saying that she has to perform another ritual so she will talk to them later and asks her family members to take care of them then cuts the call. Arjun asks Diya to not to use her tears today itself. He then promises Diya that he won’t let anyone insult her. The next day Arjun’s grandmother give instructions to the cook also asks her to help Diya when she do her first ritual to make sweet. Deepika comes there and asks Arjun’s grandmother whether she has to give her clothes to Diya to wear today or the sarees they bought for Tina to give it to Diya. Arjun comes there and tells that he will buy sarees for Diya and leaves the house. Arjun’s grandmother asks Deepika to instuct what Diya has to do as a part of the ritual until then. Tina comes there and tells not even a day completed fully before that they all forget her and now she wants to see how Diya is going to perform this ritual.

Precap: Madhuri asks Arjun’s grandmother that Diya is mastered how to fool others and she is sure she doesn’t know how to cook. Diya cries hearing Madhuri’s words and Arjun looks at her.

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