Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Madhuri cautions Diya

Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Diya requesting Arjun to play a game with her for once. She says she is not sure whether she will get the chance again to play with him or not so she is not challenging him but just requesting him. Diya says she will always remember that she played a game with the Champion Arjun Agarwal. Arjun holds the racket with his trembling hand and he gets teary. Diya holds his hand says the way he looks at the badminton racket it proves that his true love is badminton. Arjun starts playing with Diya. They get emotional looking at each other. Arjun says his gut feeling says Diya’s life will change very soon. She will play the match on 4th October for sure. He is confident about it.

Diya returns home and sees Madhuri and Tina are sitting. Mohan questions her from where is she coming. Diya lies to him and Mohan shouts at her. Madhuri says she will talk to Diya. She says that day she wanted to give a present to Diya but today she wants something from Diya. Diya asks what does she want. Madhuri says she wants her son back. Mohan says he got to learn everything, how can Diya play badminton on her wedding day. Madhuri says she knows Arjun wants to train her. Diya says she requested Arjun to train her. Madhuri says badminton gave only pain to Arjun so she doesn’t want him to suffer anymore. Diya should not push him to play badminton. Diya says that was Arjun who motivated her to play badminton again else she would have forgotten her dreams. He suggested her to talk to Ajit about badminton training. Mohan gets shocked to know that. Diya says Ajit has no problem with her dreams. Madhuri says how can Diya play match on her wedding day. Tina says badminton destroyed Arjun’s life so they can’t see him in pain. Madhuri says Arjun is trying to live his life happily after so long so Diya should not force Arjun to feel the pain again. Madhuri tells Diya to promise her that she won’t tell Arjun to play badminton again. Diya says she didn’t know this thing before. She promises that she won’t tell Arjun to play again. Diya goes to her room. Tina goes to talk to Diya.

Tina tells Diya they don’t want to hurt Diya but they just want Arjun to stay away from badminton. Diya assures Tina that she won’t meet Arjun again. Tina invites Diya to attend the pre marriage rituals of her and Arjun. Arjun will also like to see her. Arjun recalls Diya’s words and Deepika tells him not to go anywhere tomorrow. Guruji is coming to meet him and Tina. Arjun says why Guruji wants to meet him, he will meet him later. Madhuri tells Arjun not to be adamant. Tina also wants Arjun’s company. Tina says she needs his time. Arjun says he can’t change his plan. Madhuri says nothing is important more than his marriage right now. He will not go out for any other work. He should only go out for shopping with Tina. Madhuri leaves angrily. Tina tells Arjun that she waited for their marriage for so long. Arjun should understand her feelings. Tina leaves. Arjun gets irritated and says if he doesn’t go out how will he train Diya. Arjun calls Diya and she receives it late. Arjun says he will meet her at 12 pm as he has to meet Guruji at home. Diya clearly says they can’t meet as she doesn’t want to play badminton again. Arjun asks but why. Diya cuts the call.

Episode ends

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