Rishton Ka Manjha 24th March 2022 Written Update:  Luv apologises to his family

Rishton Ka Manjha 24th March 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Madhuri waiting for Luv. Diya and Arjun reach home and Luv shows up from behind. Madhuri slaps him saying she should have slapped him when he first time misbehaved with his father. He misbehaved with his wife too. Karan wishes happy holi to Kavita. Kavita looks tensed thinking the chemical reached Niharika or not. Karan says she should not worry as Niharika has to obey him, she has no other option. The chemical will be mixed in the color with which Diya and Arjun will play Holi.

Luv cries in front of Madhuri saying he disappointed her a lot by not uniting the family. He broke the unity due to greed. he says he never understood Arjun really and even betrayed his father who taught him everything. He pleads before Madhuri saying he has no right to live. Madhuri forgives him saying atleast he realised his mistake. She gets emotional and says Luv should meet Amitabh now. Diya says Luv should talk to Dipika. He says he made her feel unwanted and he disrespected her. She should slap him too. Dipika says she forgave him but they won’t stay together like before. They will stay as friends as now she is staying here as daughter. Luv says he can understand what she must be feeling. He will wait for the time when she will forgive him.

Niharika talks to Banno and tells her to distribute the Prasad to everyone. Banno says she can’t believe Niharika has become a nun. Niharika gets irked and then tells her to leave. She decides to mix the chemical in the color but stops thinking which color Diya will use she has no idea. Kush comes and suspects her. She starts her drama and says only white is her color now. Arjun takes Diya aside and recalls their first meeting. He praises her for uniting the family and making them happy. He says he wants to color her first. He colors her and she gets romantic with him by touching her cheek with his cheek. They get romantic and Diya says now she is waiting for the day when they will celebrate Arjun’s come back in the badminton world. Arjun back hugs Diya..

Episode ends

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