Rishton Ka Manjha 7th February 2022 Written Update: Arjun meets Amitabh in the jail

Rishton Ka Manjha 7th February 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dadi expressing her sadness for Amithab’s act and his punishment for that. Dipika asks Diya to bring water for Dadi. Diya obliges. Diya gets the water and pours it in the flower vase while Dadi, Dipika and Madhuri looking on. Dipika asks Diya what she’s doing, she asked water for dadi. Diya says that she will pout the water again in the glass and gives to Dadi. Dipika says that Diya can’t give Dadi the water poured on the vase. Diya says that she wants them to make understand that they can’t change what happened. They should let go off the past and focus on what to do further. Diya adds that Karan won’t sit quiet, so they have to bail Amithab first. Diya tells Madhuri that they have to unite and stay strong. Amitabh also wanted the same. Dipika agrees with Diya. Niharika sats that she will support Diya too. Madhuri says that Arjun and Amitabh relation to get better for this new beginning.

Arjun comes to meet Amitabh in the jail. Karan’s father tells Luv that as Amitabh is in the jail, the investors demand their money back. He threatens to bring his family on the road. Luv says that Amitabh didn’t want to go against him and blames Karan. Luv apologizes to him. Karan’s father gives him one day to convince Arjun to take his comolaint against Karan, like this all blames will come on Amitabh.

Arjun says to Amitabh that he won’t ask why he did like this, why he never supported him. He says that his dad hurt him the most in the world and yet he has come to meet him. He doesn’t want any justification from him and he doesn’t know why he has come. He regret it and begins to leave. Amitabh stops Arjun. Luv asks why Amitabh when Karan confessed his crime in the video. Karan’s dad says to Luv that the video is fake. Kush says that Arjun won’t agree. karan’s father offers Kush to take over Amitabh’s business and let him be in the jail. He asks Luv to join hands with him.

Amitabh admits that he broke Arjun’s dream and did injustice with him. He says that he was always selfish and thought about his business, but never thought about Arjun or his dream of becoming a badminton player. He wanted Arjun to help him in his business, so snatched from him his badminton player carrier without thinking that he is snatching his life along. Amitabh says that he was helpless as he wanted his family’s betterment. He admits that he was wrong to think that Arjun will overcome his pain. Amitabh says that he thought badminton will ruin Arjun’s life, but he’s wrong and apologizes to Arjun for that.

Luv is thinking about Karan’s father words. A staff comes and tells Luv that he can’t take any decision of the company without Amitabh’s signature since he doesn’t have any authority. Luv tells someone over phone to get Amitabh’s signature anyhow on some business papers. Diya thanks Arjun for meeting Amitabh. Arjun says that he had already thought about doing it before, but couldn’t. Diya says that he could do it now because he listened to his heart, mind. Diya says that Arjun is a good son. Diya says that Arjun cares for Amitabh so that he can’t see him getting punished even though he hurt him. Arjun says that he always felt anger and hatred for Amitabh, but he didn’t feel it when he met him in the jail. He found a defeated Amitabh who was regretting his act. He can’t see him like this. Diya says that Arjun did right and she’s proud of him. Arjun hugs Diya. Arjun takes Diya and says that it won’t be possible without her. Other side Karan phones someone and asks that person to come back fast as he needs his/her help.

The episode ends.

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