Rishton Ka Manjha: Amitabh to get arrested?

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Zee TV show Rishton Ka Manjha will witness an intense drama in future episodes. Arjun finally proved his innocence in front of the media. Madhuri also made the revelation and Arjun forgave her as she confessed everything. Amitabh got arrested for supporting Karan. Now will Karan and Diya bulid their badminton career again? That will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that, Amitabh tried to attempt suicide and Agarwals got tensed. Madhuri told him to talk to her but he didn’t open the door. She said Amitabh should not be scared of Karan or Mr Khurana. Arjun broke the door and scolded Amitabh for selfishly trying to kill himself without thinking about Madhuri. Later Diya got angry with Arjun as he didn’t share about the plan and took risk. Arjun explained how he and Kush caught Dilabar when he was kidnapping Madhuri and told him to lie to Karan. Later Arjun confronted Madhuri and forgave her. Arjun said the witnesses are also safe. Karan got arrested by the Police and got questioned by the press. Amitabh also got arrested.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Amitabh will thank Diya for coming into Arjun’s life. She is no less than a blessing for them. He will accept his punishment as he supported the wrong. He will tell Diya to take care of Arjun always before leaving with Police while Madhuri will be upset.

Will Amitabh get bail?

Will Karan get bail?

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