Rishton Ka Manjha: Will Diya win the badminton competition?

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Zee TV’s show Rishton Ka Manjha is gearing up with an I interesting drama with Arjun taking Diya to the badminton match after get married to her. Karan asks Diya to play in her saree as she don’t have time left to change her clothes. Now it will be interesting to see will Diya agrees to Karan’s condition to play badminton wearing saree? Will Arjun stop Diya from falling into Karan’s words? What will be Arjun and Diya’s next move to get one step closer to win both the challenge and competition?

In the current track it shown that Arjun asks Diya to have food saying she needs energy to face her competitor who is a state level player. He further asks her to concentrate on her game only no matter even if Karan tries to do something to get a reaction from him. Diya promises Arjun that she will give her everything to win this competition.
Arjun then asks Diya to not to worry and close her eyes saying they have fifteen minutes so they can reach the tournament on time. Amitabh scolds his mother and Madhuri for whatever happened. Luv tells Madhuri and Amitabh that Diya’s family must have manipulated him to marry Diya that’s why Arjun took such a huge decision and when Madhuri decides to go to Diya’s house to confront her parents Amitabh stops her and taunts her.

Luv worries about the reporters who all are waiting for them to answer. Karan asks his men whether everything has been done as per his instruction. They says yes. He then asks one of his men who is cleaning the floor to look at him during the match and do as what he asked him to. The guy nods okay. Tina locks her door inside and tells that Diya made a biggest mistake in her life by snatching the most precious thing which is Arjun from her life for that she is going to punish her by ruining her life forever.

Niharika gets worried so she goes to the Agarwal’s and tells them that she is worried that Tina may commit suicide. They all gets worried so they goes and asks Tina to open her door saying they can talk once Arjun returns home. Tina hears everything but decides to cut her wrist with the piece of glass which she got from breaking Arjun’s photo frame saying that she wants her father to get angry at Agarwal’s and ruins them for hurting her daughter like this and cuts her wrist with the glass piece.

Karan informs his men if suppose Arjun and Diya enters make sure that Arjun don’t enter the stadium. They obliges. The announcement made by an announcer who tells that if Diya Mukherjee doesn’t come here in two minutes them Riya Chakrbharthy will be announced as a winner. Karan smiles. Khush tries to handle the reporters who asks what is the reason behind Arjun’s decision to marry Diya not Tina. Then they starts asking more questions about Tina when they overhears the phone conversation which Khush had with Luv.

Tina comes out of her room and falls unconscious. Everyone gets shocked when they see Tina hurled herself. Arjun fights with the goons and enters the stadium before the countdown over. Karan mocks Arjun anf Diya by congratulating for their marriage. Arjun asks Diya to ignore Karan and asks her to change her dress. Karan smirks and thinks to himself that Diya made a mistake by coming here wearing a saree.

He asks Diya to play in the saree saying they don’t have more time. Arjun says that in this academy this is not the rule so why he is making up this so that he thinks he can defeat him and Diya. Karan says to Arjun that its his academy so it’s his rule and asks Diya to play wearing her saree only. Arjun and Diya looks at each other then Karan.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Arjun will say to Diya that Karan is demanding so that this way he can defeat her and asks Diya to not fall into Karan’s trap. Diya will say to Arjun they don’t have any other option left so she will play while wearing a saree also she will try her level best to win the competition.

Diya will fail making few of her shots because of the saree which she is wearing. Karan and Riya will get happy whereas Arjun will look worried.

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