Rohit and Sonakshi starts to argue on diwali?

The leading pair of Star Plus popular show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Rohit and Sonakshi are favorite of many hearts across the country and worldwide. Their growing popularity is proof that how much they are loved and adored by the audience. The die heart fans of this onscreen couple also given them the name “RoNakshi”. Well currently in the show the marriage preparations are going on for both Rohit and Sonakshi.

Since the time Rohit has realized his love for Sonakshi he made it sure to her that she is the one with whom he wants to spend her entire life. Well after lots of ups and downs finally Rohit and Sonakshi and together for eternity in the show. Recently, both of them locked each other for a lifetime with a grand celebration of engagement. Sonakshi also gave a special performance to keep a very cute demand of Rohit to have Madhuri Dixit in their marriage function.

Well after many struggles and problems days to the word having some Happy days forgetting all the worries and hardships. Though It was not possible for them to get a peaceful event but still they managed to have their moment of love.

Well, it is known to all that before being husband-wife or girlfriend boyfriend Rohit and Sonakshi are incomplete goofballs and an absolute tease each other. The base of their relationship started off with these cute banters and arguments they usually have with each other for absolutely no reason. How were the actors playing the role of Rohit and Sonakshi on screen i,e, Karan Veer Grover and Dipika Ibrahim Kakar are also fun in real life as well.

We often get to see their usual fun side with each other through the interviews and offscreen interactions. Recently both of them shirt for Diwali special episode of Star Plus. This surely comes as a shocking and surprising moment for the fans of this couple who almost gave up on the thought of watching them together on this event.

However, the recent promo by the channel prove that she was indeed a part of the event. Things got confirmed when today morning Karan V Grover officially made the happiness confirmed by sharing a cute story in his Instagram account. He posted a picture of him and Dipika bickering on the stage and captioned it as “when #ronakshi start their bickering on stage as well”.Not a romantic dance performance but this duo is set to own the stage by hosting the special event. Not only that Karan also said that as a perfect co-star, but Dipika is also a super co-host as well. This comes as a surprising element for the fans and they are eagerly waiting to see their favorite couple hosting together. What is your take on Karan and Dipika are being the absolute co-star goals? Let us know your opinion in below the comment box.

Don’t forget to watch the Diwali Special program of Star Plus ” Ye Diwali Apnon Wali” on 26th October 2019 from 9:30 pm onwards.