Rohit to suspect Mahesh in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is gearing up for some plot reveal track. Airing on Star Plus the show is keeping audiences glued to the TV screens. In the upcoming episodes of the show agitated Raima will decide to leave the Sippy mansion.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi will recall her moments with Rohit and will get happy. Here the commissioner will haunt Rohit. Rohit also sees Raima leaving the house and will ask her to stay until the wedding. Rohit will also send a sweet surprise for the Rastogis.

Meanwhile, Netra will get to know about Parvati’s clip being deleted and destroyed and will get tensed. Rohit will leave a video message for Suman and Sonakshi welcoming Sonakshi to his house.

Later, Rohit will suspect Mahesh’s activities. Even though the show is taking its pace in undoing the knots of the show, they know how to keep the audience entertained. Rohit and Sonakshi are so deeply immersed in love while many villains of their love story are waiting for a moment to ruin all their dreams.

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