Rohit’s shocking move to save Sonakshi in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

In Star Plus’s Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum; Rohit to save Sonakshi takes a drastic step.

Pooja gets embarrassed at the fashion show after her dress gets exchanged with Sonakshi’s sister dress which was malfunctioned by Sumit. Sonakshi and Sippy’s comes for Pooja’s rescue. Later, to save Pooja’s reputation Sonakshi seek help from Mahtre. Sonakshi goes to meet Mahtre. But she fall into a trouble after Mahtre killed his wife and Sonakshi became the suspect.

Rohit decides to help Sonakshi from Mahtre’s case. He looks for Mahtre and Mahtre’s men kidnaps him. Further, Sonakshi comes for his rescue. She somehow manages to escape with Rohit. But duos get trapped into the cold storage.

Sonakshi and Rohit shivers duo to cold. The duos try to help each other in warming their hands. Ahead, Rohit confronts Sonakshi as why she didn’t inform him that for Pooja she took risk and went to meet Mahtre. Sonakshi shivers with cold and says she has gone through the pain Pooja was bearing and she thought she won’t let Pooja go through the same. Rohit thanks Sonakshi and later Sonakshi faints and turns blue due to excessive cold.

Now Rohit takes Sonakshi to a place and looks for heat. When he fails to arrange the heat, he sleeps close to her. In the morning Sonakshi wakes up and sees Rohit sleeping close to her shirtless and pushes him back. She asks Rohit what they are doing here as she remembers nothing.

Rohit asks Sonakshi if she seriously don’t remember anything. Sonakshi gets teary and says no. She asks him to explain. Rohit than tells to Sonakshi that last night they consummated. Sonakshi’s earths shaken and she refuses to believe Rohit. Rohit adds, she pounced on him such a way that she don’t going to leave him. He says he slipped too on her and the night turned magical. Tears rolled down from Sonakshi’s eyes and say she knows herself and has also seen DDLJ many times thus this prank can’t work on her. Rohit asks what DDLJ, he has never seen Bollywood movies. And he watches only Hollywood.

Sonakshi cries and Rohit laughs on her. He says who hasn’t watched DDLJ and laughed loud. Further, Rohit confesses that it was just a medical requirement as she turned blue due to excessive cold. He says except body heat no option was left to save her. Sonakshi smiles a slight.

Well, this Rohit and Sonakshi moment was bliss to watch. And we can’t resist ourselves from watching this sequence on loop.

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