Roja 10th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun teases Annapoorna

Roja 10th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam blesses Roja and Arjun happily. Shenbagam asks Roja to speak with her in front of god’s statue. Shenbagam leaves from there. Kalpana asks Roja to go near her. Shenbagam smiles happily seeing Roja she notices Divya and goons are roaming there. She wishes to escape from them first orelse she will kidnap her. Roja comes near god’s statue but Shenbagam is not there. Arjun doubts where is she? Shenbagam noticing them from far. Priest comes there and enquires them what’s going on?

Kalpana narrates everything to him. Priest says to Kalpana that god heard their prayer god came in front of her like a sumangali. Roja and Kalpana gets goosebumps to hear it. Priest says to them that Arjun and Roja will live long happily. Roja expresses her happiness to him. She adds that he is her biggest gift in her life. Kalpana says to her even she is surprised. Nothing wrong will happen in their life god will definitely save her from all danger. Priest blesses them. Kalpana takes Roja from there. Shenbagam about to go behind her but hides seeing Divya and gang.

Roja dreams like someone entering into jail and bouquet falling down. She gets scared she is standing in terrace. Arjun makes her scare she starts crying and hugs him. Arjun apologies to her but Roja informs to him that she has a nightmare. She dreamt like she was inside the jail. Arjun laughs at her and says that she is already in jail. He mentions about his heart. Roja shares her fear with him. She adds that she can bear everything when he is near her. Arjun says to her that he will also stay beside her. Roja asks him to stop talking like this. He shouldn’t suffer.

Arjun explains to her about dream theory and tells her nothing to worry she don’t need to give importance to dream. Pratap is talking with his office staff in auditorium. Kalpana asks him to invite the guest instead of talking in phone. Arjun and Roja comes there after dressed up. Kalpana admires them. And enters into the auditorium along with Yasodha and Balu they are watching them. Arjun assures to them this function will take place without any problems.

Kalpana takes Roja to make her ready. Arjun comes there she asks him to go out. Anu comes there to make Roja ready. Kalpana dislikes it. Arjun is looking around the room. Kalpana questions him what’s he checking there? He informs to them that he is checking the room because Anu and Annapoorna arranged it all. Annapoorna comes there and questions him why is he here? Arjun tells her that he was checking whether someone fixed CCTV camera in that room reasoning And has cheap idea like that.

Annapoorna complaints that he is still doubting her. Annapoorna tells to him that she is praying for his health always but he is doubting her. Annapoorna leaves from there along with Yasodha. Anu excuses them and leaves. Kalpana asks her to don’t come again. Kalpana is making Roja ready. Arjun and Roja are talking with each other through mirror. Arjun thinks that his wife is looking beautiful but they are not allowing him to spend time with her. Arjun lies to Kalpana that Annapoorna lost something he asks her to help her. Kalpana deny it reasoning she wanna make Roja ready. Arjun sends her out then locks the door. Arjun hugs her from behind and romancing with her.

Episode end.