Roja 10th June 2021 Written Update: Kalpana advises to Roja

Roja 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja tells Kalpana she is not doing this all for her but for Arjun reasoning he bring out Shanthamoorthy from jail as he promised. So its her duty to fulfill her promise too. She is confused whether to choose Kalpana or Arjun in this situation. Kalpana asks her to stop confusing herself. Kalpana advises to her that she is always think good for them. In this matter gents are weak so they wanna make them control. Kalpana tells her she wishes to see them uniting so she will take a auspicious day to conduct this. Kalpana assures to her that she will ask priest to fix a date soon. Kalpana asks her to sleep with her.

Roja questions her Is she suspecting them? Doesn’t they are living in same room for last one year? They have the will power to control them. Kalpana complaints that Arjun promised to her that’s why he was patient but now it’s different. Kalpana pursude her and asks her to sleep with her. Roja shares to her that she will promise to her if she wants. Arjun comes there with Jasmin and Halwa. Kalpana enquires her what’s it? He lies as nothing. Kalpana snatches it and finds out what’s it? She blushed seeing it. Kalpana enquires him why did he brought this? Arjun questions her Is there any rules Halwa should buy in this time. Roja assures to her that she will keep her words. Kalpana warns Roja and leaves.

Roja scolds him for bringing Halwa and Jasmin in front of Kalpana. Arjun questions her why should he cover it or hide it? He comments that Roja is his wife. Roja shares to him that Kalpana wishes to fix a auspicious day to celebrate their first night. Arjun complaints that Roja backed off from her words. Roja asks him to wait for one week. Arjun says that there is a rule to give complaint on wife for backing off from her words. Roja asks him to register a case he wanna argue for her in court. He deny it.

Roja says that she will ask Manickam to argue for her. Arjun teases her for mentioning Manickam name. He thretens her that he will marry second time. Roja asks him to marry one more time if he has dare. Arjun shares a moral story with her. Roja says to him that they lived in this room under control why don’t he wait one more week. Arjun complaints he can’t wait more. He threatens her that he gonna ring the bell and share it there. Roja tries to convince him.

Roja kisses on his cheek to convinces him. He thinks that she is trying to convince him with a Kiss and pretends to be angry. Roja kisses him again. Arjun demands her to give lovely gifts till the day comes. Roja deny it reasoning she kisses him because he is angry. Arjun says that he is still angry. Roja hugs him from behind to convince him. Both Arjun and Roja are spending time with each other. Anu is crying in jail. Jailer comes round there and opens her cell. Jailer gives food to her and alerts her that she is not in good terms with Sakshi. If she needs she can use her mobile to talk. She asks Anu to give money to her after she released. She assures to her that she will wait outside to watch.

Anu calls to Annapoorna. She attends the call. Annapoorna gets emotional hearing her voice. Anu narrates to her everything. Annapoorna shares her grief with her. Annqpoorna assures to her that she will come and meet her in jail. Anu asks her to don’t come. Annapoorna stands adamant in her decision and cries badly thinking about Anu. Anu thank Warden for helping her. Anu asks her to help her often she will take care of her.

Episode end.