Roja 10th May 2021 Written Update: Arjun gives a shock to All

Roja 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu teases Roja. She says that Arjun has no dare to face Manickam in court that’s why he escaped from here. Kalpana says to her that her son is not like that. He will never back off from his words. Anu asks Roja to say the truth. Roja informs to all that Arjun left to Delhi to attend one important case. Manickam questions Pratap why don’t he trust him but they are believing Roja words? Manickam says to them that he has no evidence against Anu. He don’t wanna loss the case in front of him that’s why he left to Delhi reasoning one case matter.

Arjun calls to Roja. She complaints to him that he cheat her at the last time. Arjun says to her that he left to Delhi without option. Manickam teases her Is her husband eloped not able to face him in court? If he don’t have dare to face him then he wouldn’t have challenged him. Manickam is not easy target. Arjun asks Roja to give phone to him. Manickam teases him that he ran away in fear. Arjun says to him don’t laugh in attitude. Don’t look down on opposite person. He went to attend one important case. Kalpana shouts as Arjun. He asks him to give phone to her.

Kalpana says to him that all are teasing him that he back off from his words. Why did he went to Delhi when Shanthamoorthy case coming today on court? Arjun says to her nothing to worry he will never take any decision without any back up plan. He asks her to believe him. He says to her proudly that he is her son. Arjun says to Manickam that he didn’t went to Delhi without reason. He thought to enjoy the case without him. He wishes to release Anu right? But he didn’t fails to check his Email. He already got permission from court to postpone the case for three days. Court also gave permission to him immediately seeing his sincere in this case. He asks Kalpana to check Manickam facial expressions now?

Arjun says that Manickam visits Anu in morning to say this good news to then unaware of the truth. Don’t say dream to release Anu from his grip. Arjun says to them that he is going to dance Rudra thandav in court. All are going to see his real face there. He asks them to wait and see. Arjun says to Anu that she got three days grace time to roam around freely. After that she can’t able to see out side world. He asks him to give the phone to Roja. He adds that all are waiting to see him loss in this case but this will never happen. He assures to her that he will win this case for her. He says buy to her and disconnects the call.
Raja teases all those who commented bad about Arjuna as irresponsibility person. But he proved to all he is unlike them.
Annapoorna comments all are giving punch dialogue here.

Manicam says to Annapoorna that he will take care of it. Kalpana says to him that Arjun has truth and honesty with him. So he will win at any cost. Pratap says that he is looking down on Arjun that’s why he talked like that. Manickam assures to Anu that he will save her and leaves from there.

Chandrakantha is travelling car and Sakshi in another side. She blocks Sakshi car. Sakshi gets scare to see her there. Chandrakantha asks her to get down from car. She asks her to get into police jeep. Sakshi refuses to get inside. Chandrakantha says to her that she travelled a lot in her own car it’s time to enter into police jeep. Sakshi questions her Is she threatening her? Chandrakantha says to her that she will finish her.

She threatened her that she can able to kill her without proof? She refuses to get inside the car. She asks to her Is she has any case against her? Chandrakantha gives list of case on her? She questions her Is she has warrant to arrest her? Chandrakantha says that she don’t need permission to arrest her. Sakshi dials to her lawyer. She snatches Sakshi phone from her hand. Chandrakantha says to her that she is arresting her. She will send her inside the jail. She can meet her lawyer in jail tomorrow. Sakshi question her Is Babu mentioned her name? Chandrakantha says that she didn’t mentioned his name but she found it correct. So its enough to take as the evidence against her. Already cops record it. She makes her sit in jeep and takes from there.

Anu is thinking about Arjun words. She dials to Divya. She says to Divya that she tried a lot to Sakshi mobile but line is not reachable. She adds that Arjun is adamant to prove that Anu and Sakshi are culprit in this case. He collected many evidence against Sakshi. He is concentrating more to prove her as Priya to all. He wants to kick her out of this house first using this case. Anu asks Divya to kill Shanthamoorthy in jail. Divya says to her that Arjun is out of city that’s why he postponed the case. If they kill Shanthamoorthy in this time then they will judge them as culprits. Anu says to her if they take suspect them as criminals there is nothing to loss because she can come out from this case using fake evidence. But Shanthamoorthy statement will turn to be a death statement to her. She will loss more in it. So killing him is better way to escape from this. Roja shouts Anu name loudly.

Episode end.