Roja 11th February 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna picks a fight with Kalpana

Roja 11th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja gives coffee to Pratap. Kalpana is busy in cleaning the photo. Annapoorna shouts on Kalpana. Pratap asks Annapoorna to explain what happened here then shouts on her. Arjun comes there and informs to Pratap that he knew well what’s Annapoorna gonna say now?

Roja is going to give the land to Orphanage that’s why Annapoorna is angry on Kalpana. He knew well Anu whom brings Annapoorna after brainwashing her. He shared this news to mom in terrace aware of Anu presence there then only she will inform this to grandma. Annapoorna questions Kalpana what’s this all?

It’s Kalpana land how could Roja give it to Orphanage? Arjun says its an good thing what’s wrong in it? Annapoorna mentions Kalpana name instead of Daughter in law. Its hurts Kalpana and complaints to her. Yasodha teases Kalpana. Kalpana insults Yasodha that she can’t able to understands the bond between mother and daughter in law, Reasoning she send her in laws to ashramam.

Kalpana says on Annapoorna face that her father registered this land on Roja name she can’t able to do anything in it. Annapoorna says that Kalpana is daughter in law of this house so her properties also belongs to this house. Kalpana questions Annapoorna that even Roja married to Arjun then why did she hesitate to accept her as daughter in law of the house? Anu says if she marries to Aswin then her all properties will be register on Aswin name. Aswin clears with Anu don’t see day dream it won’t happen ever. Arjun says that Roja wishes to do a good thing. If she do it then everyone in this family will get blessings. Roja says to Annapoorna that she gonna build statue of grandpa. Annapoorna deny it so Arjun says to her he is a criminal lawyer so he will makes this happen.

Annapoorna expresses her feelings about this to Anu. Anu shares an plan to Annapoorna reasoning it will helps them to create rift between Aswin and Arjun. Property will comes to their hand. Annapoorna supports her. Aswin stops his car near Pooja. He is flirting with her but she is not in the mood to response to him. He enquires her what’s bothering her. Pooja narrates to him that her family is adamant to perform her marriage with Aravind. Aswin says to her that he will talk with her parents. She deny it. She asks him to discuss with Arjun and takes some decision soon. She don’t likes to drag the things. He assures to her.

Roja is cooking fried rice. Pratap, Annapoorna comes to dining table. She asks Kalpana to bring the food. She replies to her that she will serve hot food to her. Annapoorna tells that she used to eat only hot and fresh food because she is not an orphan to eat cold food. Roja face turns dull hearing it.

Episode end.