Roja 11th January 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna slapped Anu

Roja 11th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Annapoorna ask Anu to leave the house. She deny to go. Annapoorna hold her hand and pulling her out but Anu pushed her hand away and deny to go reasoning Annapoorna the one challenged with Arjun not her why should she go out when she has all rights in this house. Annapoorna slap her.

Arjun and Roja smiles seeing it. Kalpana question her why did she doing like this. Aswin says that Annapoorna done a good job. Annapoorna shouts on Aswin and says to him don’t support her act. Roja is outsider she studied without her permission it doesn’t matter to her. But Anu is this house girl she is denying her words its matter to her. She ask her to leave this topic don’t take it seriously. Annapoorna says but Arjun takes her word seriously.

Kalpana ask him to leave this topic. Arjun deny it. Kalpana talks to him so Annapoorna ask Anu to fall on everyone feet then she can stay in the house. Anu fall on Kalpana and Pratap feet. Aswin ask her to fall on Arjun and Roja feet. She fall on their feet. Aswin ask her to fall on Sumathi feet. Anu fall on her feet. Annapoorna standing there disappointed. Anu runs from there.

Anu packing her things and thinking its better to leave from this house then falling on everyone feet lossing her self respect. While going she hears some chittchatting sound. Aswin and Pooja are romancing in his room. Anu saw them together and gets angry. She rushed near them and scolding Pooja she is trying to hold her hand but Aswin removes it. Anu pushes him away and drag Pooja along with her down. She called everyone there and reveal the truth to them that Pooja was Roja teacher. Annapoorna starts scolding her Arjun and Aswin supporting Pooja.

Annapoorna blaming Pooja’s father upbringing and Kalpana’s upbringing. Anu slapped Pooja so Aswin pushed away Anu. Annapoorna supporting Anu and blaming all are betrayers. She apologise to Anu for slapping her for them. Annapoorna again scolding Pooja. Roja supports her. Pooja runs from there crying Aswin is following her. Annapoorna complaints Roja is the reason for everything she taught them to behave like this.

Divya informing to Anu that Sakshi went to Mumbai. Anu says to Divya that she saw Shenbagam in that hospital where Roja admitted. She has only doubt whether Arjun saw her or not. Divya ask her to check her whether she is working there or not. Arjun is very smart that he knew well where to open up the matter or not. If anyone see her they will bring her to home. They will take DNA test to her then everything will be spoiled. They plan to kidnap her.

Roja is doing pooja in house. Anu signaling to Balu to tease Roja. Anu remembers the moment how did they make her fall on everyone’s feet. Kalpana praise Roja responsibilities. Kalpana says to Annapoorna she wanna talk with her. She questions her back Is she expect her to give permission to Pooja marriage. Kalpana deny it and informs to her pongal is coming its Roja’s first pongal after her marriage she wanna celebrate it like the way she celebrated it for her.

Annapoorna says to Kalpana that she was chosen by her and entered into this house treditionally but Roja is not like that. She has no idea about her background yet. She still didn’t accept her as her daughter in law not anymore too. Roja staring her emotionally.

Episode end.