Roja 11th June 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna promises to Anu

Roja 11th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu is sitting in her cell. Warden comes there to meet Anu and Informs to her that Annapoorna came to meet her. Manickam registered it in court. Anu refuses to meet her reasoning she will get worry to see her in this state. Warden asks her to meet her reasoning she looks so pitiful.

Warden takes Anu near Annapoorna. She gets emotional seeing Anu there. Annapoorna questions her Is she here to see her in this state? She demands Anu to take her veil and let her see her face. Anu says to her she clearly warned her to don’t come here then why is she here? Anu says to her she will get worry seeing her. Annapoorna informs to her that Manickam helped her to meet her here and asks her to show her face to her. Annapoorna gets shock to see her wounds? She questions her what happened? Anu lies to her that she slipped in bathroom. Annapoorna refuses to believe it and questions her what happened there? Anu shares to her there is less chance to come out alive. Arjun intentionally send her inside the case she has no connection with this case. Annapoorna agree with her and supports Arjun. She says that Roja is provoking him. Anu asks her to forget her she will soon reach near Shenbagam it seems. Annapoorna shares to her that she kissed her daughter 20 years before she got her breath back after seeing Anu. Arjun and Roja are trying to separate them she won’t allow them to happen it.

Anu says to her that Arjun plotted this all and Sakshi is here too. She will definitely bring trouble to her. Sakshi comes there and teases them. Annapoorna says to her that Anu is not a enemy to her Arjun plotted this all why is she torturing Anu like this. Sakshi says this is the last time she is seeing Anu here by saying this she leaves. Anu says that Arjun wishes to see this here. How will she escape from these two. Annapoorna assures to her that she will take her out. Anu says Arjun won’t allow it. Annapoorna says Arjun is not a matter here she will definitely take her out using Arjun. She is her grand daughter so she will definitely take her out. She will come out before the date. She will use Arjun to take her out its her challenge. Anu tells her that she is trusting her only if anything goes wrong then she will die here. Annapoorna asks her to don’t be scared. Warden takes Anu from there Annapoorna shouts her name and cries. Pratap is working in laptop. Kalpana brings coffee to him and complaint that he is working in home too. Kalpana asks him to think about family and take decision in Arjun’s matter. They wanna to arrange Arjun and Roja’s first night. Kalpana wishes to see her grand kid soon. She asks him to fix a auspicious day to arrange their first night.

Kalpana tells him that these many days problems haunted this house. Now Anu went to jail so let’s arrange for Arjun’s first night. Arjun and Roja hears it all. Kalpana tells him that they are good kids so let’s arrange their first night soon before they loss control. She asks him to call the pries and fix a date. Arjun complaints that his father is not worry about him. Why don’t he call now instead of call from office. Kalpana rushes Pratap to fix a date. Pratap tells her he will send a mail first after that he will enquire to priest. Annapoorna listens it all. Arjun gets irritate when Pratap is thinking about it. Balu comes there and questions them Is this a time to arrange first night to Arjun? Arjun gets anger to listen it. Balu asks her to consider the situation and take a decision. Arjun comments that he is using this situation against them. He gave birth to two kid and stopping their first night. Balu says to them that Anu went to Jail. Kalpana says that Anu went to jail so there is no connection with her. Balu supports Anu and says Anu is Shenbagam’s daughter. Arjun questions him how come he know she is Shenbagam’s daughter. Annapoorna thinks that they can only release Anu through Roja and Arjun so she wishes to change her game plan.

Episode end.