Roja 12th April 2021 Written Update: Manickam lashes out at Roja

Roja 12th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Doctor says to Annapoorna that Manickam is scolding her in anger. Don’t provoke him againat Roja. Roja the one whom saved him. He admitted him in hospital because she is Manickam’s daughter. They started treatment to him when did Roja plead with them. If she fails to do like that he may be no more. Doctor asks everyone to leave from there. Manickam says to them that Manickam lost his peace seeing Roja there. Anu asks Roja to leave. Arjun asks Manickam to calm down. He says to him that he will regret when is he coming to know the truth. Manickam says to him that he don’t wanna know any secrets. Anu is provoking Manickam against Roja. Manickam assures to Anu that none can able to change him. He comes to know her intention. Anu asks Roja to leave the place reasoning Manickam don’t like to see her. If she don’t leave from here then he will shift the hospital.

Roja says to him that Manickam is not in a good state to shift the hospital. She will leave the hospital. Arjun questions her why should she leave? Roja says to him that she don’t anything then seeing Manickam fit and fine. She about to touch him but he pushes her hand away in anger. Roja leaves from there crying. Arjun says to Anu that it will don’t last long. Neither he is not in a state to learn the truth nor he is in a mood to argue. Arjun says to Manickam that Roja the one whom saved him. She prayed for him all time. He wants to see Manickam gets well soon. He wants to share one important thing to him. He teases him that he is still don’t know to judge peoples.

Arjun notices Roja crying. He scolds her for crying. He says to her don’t cry for the undeserved persons. Roja says to him that she is not crying for Annapoorna’s words. She can’t able to see Manickam hatreness towards her. Roja questions him when will the time come? Manickam accepting her as his daughter? Will she bless to see that day before she closing her eyes. Arjun says to her that everything slowly revealing to all. Soon that day come. Kalpana comes there and consoles her. She asks Roja to be calm down.

Kalpana says to her don’t mind Annapoorna’s word. She will definitely understand her. Shenbagam reaches to hospital! Kalpana asks Arjun to take Roja from there. Roja refuses to go reasoning that she can’t able to sit in home leaving him here in this state! Kalpana says to her that Manickam getting tension seeing her. She can come here again to meet him once he gets well soon. Arjun convinces her and takes her from there. Shenbagam is also there. Arjun and Roja miss to notice her. Kalpana prays god to help her to prove that Roja is Manickam’s daughter. Shenbagam helping one little girl to find her mother.

Anu is provoking Annapoorna against Roja. She says to her that Roja may pushed Manickam down in anger. Then she pretends like saving him not to caught later! Annapoorna asks Anu to stop discussing about it here. Shenbagam is searching for that little girl’s mom. Annapoorna says to Anu that Roja is greedy to get their properties. Manickam decided to give all properties on her name. She is also ready to give Shenbagam’s jewels to her that’s why Roja is greedy. Annapoorna asks Anu to take care of Manickam and leaves. Anu thinks that she has no option then staying with him. Shenbagam comes there and stops infront of one room.

Episode end.