Roja 12th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun gives an idea to Aswin

Roja 12th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Yasodha that she fails to notices her husband sitting beside her. His parents are staying in old age home. Now they lost that place too that’s why Roja wishes to give that land to those peoples. Annapoorna asks Yasodha to check Kalpana. She goes there and orders Roja to do it asap.

Kalpana complaints that Roja is not a jobless person like Yasodha. She is having 2 crores rs in her hand. She is cooking for them in out of concern. Kalpana questions Yasodha that she don’t like Roja at all but how could she eats her handmade food shamelessly. Annapoorna calls Kalpana so she leaves with Roja from there. Yasodha poures Chilly powder in the fried rice.

Annapoorna asks Kalpana to brings the food. Yasodha informs to Anu that she mixed Chilly powder and Salt in the fried rice. Anu appreciates her work and thinks that she wishes to see Annapoorna scolding Roja. Kalpana serves to Annapoorna. She starts complaining her food smell.

Annapoorna takes a bites of it and spits it out in burning sensation. Pratap and Balu are doing the same then complaints to Roja that food is too salty and chilly powder also high in it. Kalpana deny it saying that she checked it when she cooked it. Arjun is not minding anyone there just eating it casually and praising Roja’s cooking. Annapoorna mentions him as tasteless fellow.

Arjun keeps praising Roja’s cooking. Kalpana tastes the food and spits it out. Roja too tastes it and feels the same. Yasodha says that she is showing her attittude to them. She got 2crore rs so she is looking down on them that’s why she mixed salt in food to made them suffer. Arjun eating the food so Roja asks him to stop eating. Anu complaints that she worries for Arjun but not for them.

Annapoorna about to go Roja asks her to wait for few minutes she will cook something for her. Annapoorna lashes out at her and leaves. Arjun says to Kalpana that he knew well Yasodha mixed it in food though he kept silent just to avoide the problem. Roja asks him to order food for everyone.

Aswin is keep thinking about Pooja’s word. Arjun and Roja comes there to enquires him. Aswin narrates to him that Pooja alliance is fixed with her aunt’s son. Arjun replies that loving someone is easy but relations entry at last time is too tough to digest. Arjun advises Aswin to go to Purushothaman and talks with him. If he don’t understands him then starts to threaten him. He shares one plan to Aswin. Aswin says to Roja that he can reveal the marriage topic to them then all problems will be alright. Roja deny it reasoning Pooja will be suffer so takes the things slowly.

Annapoorna feels hungry likewise, Yasodha and Anu too. They wishes to check kitchen to get something to eat. Arjun and Roja switches on the light caughting the trio red-handed.

Episode end