Roja 12th January 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam decide to meet Roja

Roja 12th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annapoorna asking to Kalpana why should she celebrate her Thala pongal. She is not her selection. She chose Kalpana as her daughter in law of the house that’s why she celebrated her Thala pongal grandly. But this Roja didn’t enter into this house like her. Whom is an orphan.

She didn’t accept her as this house daughter in law yet she won’t do it too. Roja cries hearing it. Anu is smiling hearing it all. Annapoorna question her doesn’t she know that girl parents wanna give gift on pongal day? This Roja is parents less child. Whom know about her background? She has no quality to live in this house. Did Arjun send her to ask her to celebrate this to her? Balu says may be she said like that that’s why she is here.

Kalpana ask him to shut it. Annapoorna says to her don’t make him shut his mouth. Its all bitter truth that Roja is parentless girl. Arjun refuse to marry Anu its acceptable. That judge stand adamant to give his daughter hand to him but he didn’t do it but instead brought this girl to her. She has no respect on her.

She don’t mind it all. But this girl never respect Yasodha and Anu always used to treat them as enimies. She made Anu fall on that Sumathi feet how much Anu was hurt on that time. This girl may borned in cheap family that’s why she is behaving like this so don’t compare her with Anu whom borned in an respectful family. Roja cries and runs from there in tears.

Roja sits on Pooja room and crying. Kalpana says to Annapoorna she shouldn’t talk like this to her. She is in age to love all don’t be biased. If she behaved like this before this family splited into two house. She is going silent that doesn’t mean she don’t know to talk back. Annapoorna says to her that she is always supporting them but she failed to upbring her son. Arjun brought this girl eloping from mandap and Aswin even bring that Pooja into his bedroom. Doesn’t it make her feel guilty. Kalpana leaves from there disappointed. Anu smirks seeing it all.

Shankaran saying stories to orphanage kids. Shenbagam comes there and feels happy to see them sharing good bond there. Ambalavanan says to them that its rare to find someone treating us like their own relation when their own son fails to take care of them. He complaint that they don’t understanding its all sin. She says to them that she is searching for her relation. If she meet Roja once she has hope to find her family. She tries to meet her three times but couldn’t. She ask leave to sankaran. He says to her its her hospital she can take leave. She serviced to patients without expecting anything back. One little boy ask her to show his drawing to Roja she nods.

Roja crying in Pooja room for punishing her like this. Kalpana comes there and consoling her and assures to her she will be her mom. Arjun notice this all and enquire to Kalpana she reveals everything to him. He question Annapoorna and challenge her that he will bring her mom on Pongal day.

Episode end.