Roja 12th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun spends romantic time with Roja

Roja 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun is romancing with Roja in his room. He praises her beauty and teasing her. Arjun tries to romance with her and says let’s cancel this first night but Roja tells him that she is taking fasting today to see everything going well. Arjun says to her she will be hungry and gives chocolate to her. Roja deny it reasoning she don’t wanna break her fasting. He asks her to eat the chocolate it won’t ruin her fasting.

Roja starts eating it Arjun is busy in admiring her. He demands her to give the chocolate which tasted by her. Roja deny it blushing. Anu is walking to and forth outside. Anu gets the device controller remote from manager. She imagines like Roja burning in fire. Roja asks him to stop romancing with her in this time. Arjun questions her If he don’t romance in this age then when will he romance? Manager alerts Anu if she press one time in button the room will caught fire.

If she press it twice then all room and window will be closed no one can’t able to open it. Someone knocks on the door. Roja asks him to leave from there. Arjun says that Anu and Annapoorna arranged all perfectly. If Anu joined in Event management then it will be good. Roja sends him out. Anu places the device inside had bag. Pratap are welcoming the guest. Anu calls to Manickam and confirm with him that he will reach there soon. He complaints to her that Annapoorna is also supporting that Roja. Anu narrates the plan to him. She assures to him that he will be happy after he leaves from here.

Chandrakantha reaches there. Arjun welcomes her happily. She congratulates them. She adds that she saw people are suffering sometimes but she only saw problems in their life always. She wishes to see them leading a peaceful life. Anu questions Annapoorna Is she see it? She asks her to ignore all. Kalpana and her family goes out to welcome the judge. Judge comes there and greets him. Arjun thank her for attending the function. She praises him for helping many poor kids. He makes her sit there.

Sumathi asks Roja to eat something reasoning she is fasting. Roja tells her Arjun already gave it to her. Roja reminds that and blushes. Anu thinks that this smile won’t last long. Roja gonna die today and Arjun gonna turn mad. Yasodha lashes out at Sumathi for doing time pass there. Arjun takes Roja out to show someone. He closes her eyes and takes her out. Balu thinks that she is gonna die soon and smiling like this. Shanthamoorthy comes there. She feels happy to see him. Roja thank Arjun for inviting him. She tells him that she is happy today and this function happening because of him. She thank him for visiting her and bless her. Shanthamoorthy says to her that he invited him here to see this happiness in her face. Roja takes Shanthamoorthy inside. Kalpana greets him and makes him sit there.

Manickam reaches to the venue. Kalpana notices him and goes to welcome him. Manickam pretends like congratulating him. Manickam says to them that they may be doubting why is he here after argued with them that much? He felt he done a wrong thing that’s why he is here to attend the function. Arjun says to him that he is here as a guest. He don’t has the habit to insult his guest. Anu comes there and questions him Is he ready now? He nods. Manickam says to Arjun that Anu is here today because of him. He tried many time to get bail from Jail but he can’t. He thank him for helping him.

Arjun tells him its a happy time so there is no need to mention about it. Anu thinks let’s see whether it’s a happy time or not? Annapoorna greets him. Arjun gives juice to him and leaves. Annapoorna sits beside him. Anu takes him away to talk alone. Anu questions him why is he talking nicely with them. He tells her that Annapoorna acting for her a lot why should he ruin it so he is also acting along with them. Annapoorna signals something to Anu but Arjun notices this.

Episode end.