Roja 12th October 2020 Written Update: Sakthivelu family visiting Annapoorna family

Roja 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun waiting for Roja in his bedroom, his mom arranged the first night for them. Roja comes inside the room Arjun welcomes her with his charming smile but Roja seems unhappy for some reason. He is talking with her in excitement. Roja complaints to him she is not happy today.

Arjun ask to her that he married her infront of everyone like they wished for then what’s her problem in it. She ask to him does he really loves her? Is she has place in his heart or not? He replies to her that she filled in his heart thoroughly. She complaints to him he is lie if he really love her then what’s the need to keep that divorce paper safe in a locker?

He replies to her he actually wished to surprise her on wedding day night to ask her to tear it but Anu spoiled his all plans he apologized to her and ask her to beat him. She forgives him. She asks him to gift her. He starts reading verse to her he wrote for her. Roja impressed by his words. Both start to romance each other for a beautiful song plays in background.

Annapoorna pacing in her room nervously thinking about the marriage incident. Sakthivelu calls Annapoorna and informing to her Kathir and Poovari marriage were done happily. He thanks Annapoorna for sending Arjun and Roja to send Poovarasi marriage Arjun saved his father. He praises Arjun and Roja Jodi and asks to Annapoorna where did she find Roja she is so sweet. He ask about her family and background.

She lies to him her family is in Dubai. He informs to her that he is taking Poovarasi and Kathir to kuladeivam kovil. So they are coming to her family. She turns happy hearing it and complains to him he didn’t come to her house after Shenbakam passed away. He replies to her Shenbakam not only his friend but also his sister.

Annapoorna feels emotional seeing her frame. Roja unwrapping the gift and complaints to Arjun none send gift to her but for Arjun. She notices Shenbagam gift and feels emotional. She informs to Arjun that she is feeling her mom is alive. Arjun assures to her that he will bring her mom to her.

Poovarasi and Kathir laying separately thinking about the marriage. Sakthivel knocked the room they hides the separate bed. Sakthivel informs to them they are going to Kuladeivam kovil tomorrow. Poovarasi tries her best to refuse it but all went in vain. He says to her that Annapoorna family has good friendship with him so they gonna stay with them. Poovarasi ask to Kathir why did he agree to go there did he forget Keerthi. He replies to her that he won’t forget her till he die he wanna search her in chennai so she agrees to go.

Annapoorna informs to everyone that Sakthivelu coming here along with Poovarasi and Kathir. She lied to Sakthivelu about Roja background so everyone must pretend to nice with her till they go back. Arjun says to Roja she can fulfill all her wishes in these days. Arjun back hugs her and flirt with her. Roja shares her feelings to him that she is craved for grandy love. Arjun ask her to give good news then she will accept her.

In kitchen Roja helping Kalpana Arjun back hugs her unaware of Kalpana presence and romancing with her. Kalpana listen his flirty dialogue and starts to chase him he is hiding behind all so she intentionally beating Anu, Yasodha and Balu. Arjun ask to Annapoorna which baby she needs boy or girl? She bangs her head and goes.

Next day Sakthivelu family reaches at Annapoorna guest house. Kalpana takes arathi of them. Anu staring them unhappily. Arjun and Roja come there. She resembling Shenbagam there. Sakthivelu mentioned her as Shenbagam. Everyone gets shocked to hear it.