Roja 13th January 2021 Written Update: Roja received the Pongal gift

Roja 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja sleeping she is getting flashes of her old memories spend with her mom. Roja laying on her mother lap and complaining to her that all are teasing her as motherless child. She is orphan so none will give pongal seer to her. Annapoorna always used to point it out and hurt her. Her mom says to her don’t mind them.

Roja ask to her doesn’t she has mother? She replies to her that no child will born in this world without mother. She is here for her she is caressing her hair and saying to her that some people don’t wish to see them together. They are stopping her to meet her. But nothing to worry i will come near you soon to meet her. Then none will complain her as motherless child. Roja crying on her lap.

Roja gets up from dream and starts shouting. She is calling for her mom. Arjun wakes up in her noise and ask to her what happened? She replies to him that she met her mom. She came here to see her. Arjun looking here and there and said none is here. Roja says to him that her mom came here and talk with her. She didn’t see her face. Arjun staring her. Roja says to him that she looked like Shenbagam.

Arjun says so his doubt is correct. Roja question him what doubt? Share with her also. Arjun says to her still time is here he will say it to her on time. He wanna confirm something. Roja lay on his lap and says she got her mom after she married to him. Arjun consoling her.

Annapoorna and Anu are sitting in hall. Anu alert Annapoorna and says to her Roja is coming. Annapoorna asking to Anu that Arjun said someone will come here to gift us for pongal did she saw anyone here? Anu replies as no. She added that none gonna come here because there is no one in this world for her.

Annapoorna said that Arjun talk much because he is a lawyer. But she can’t accept his lie. That Roja used his sympathy and entered into this house as daughter in law. She is pity on him. Anu goes inside the pooja room and crying infront of god. Arjun says to her that her parents will bring pongal gift to her today he said this to console her but Annapoorna take it as joke and keep hurting her. Doesn’t she seeing her pain. Whom will come for her? Flower fell down from frame.

One van stopped infront of Arjun house. Many ladies gets down from it holding seer. They enters into the house chanting om sakthi para sakthi. They placed the things down. Annapoorna question them whom are they why did came here? They ask her to call their daughter Roja they are her relative.

Roja comes there and surprised to see them Arjun signal to her so she turns to be happy. They make her wear the sarie and adore gold. They make Annapoorna and Kalpana sit with her. When Anu deny it she hol her hand tighter. One lady gives lemon to her and says it went to all holy temple if someone touch it whom belongs to this family it will give chillness to that person but whom not belong to this family it will burn their hand. Anu staring it shocked.

Episode end.