Roja 13th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Roja dance together

Roja 13th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manickam says to Anu that Annapoorna is acting a lot in this age so he wanna help her through his acting. He is not here to see them enjoying here instead of watching them crying. He alerts her that no one should be his relative who is hurting his daughter. Annapoorna reaches to stage and says to them she brought gift to her grand daughter surprise. Anu thinks that even she arranged one surprise for her. Arjun stops Annapoorna and says this necklace won’t suitable to Roja. He bought a diamond necklace for his wife. He insults Annapoorna says to him she is not like the way he is thinking. He says to her may she won’t think like that for her age but hey adviser will.

Anu glares him. Arjun says to Kalpana that this necklace will only look beautiful to Kalpana he praises it. He says that Kalpana the one whom took care of her like own daughter for last 20 years so she might gift her something. Arjun asks Naveen to bring it. Arjun makes Roja wears the Diamond necklace. Kalpana praises her beauty. Annapoorna glares her. Anu thinks it’s so costly. Arjun asks Naveen to give the rest. He gifts special designer sarie to her. He demands her to change it soon. Kalpana asks her to leave. Roja leaves from there. Arjun keeps noticing everyone expression there.

Roja comes there after dressed up. Some ladies welcomes her with beautiful dance. Roja too starts dance with them for the song ” Konjum Mynakkale”. Arjun too joins with her and dances with her romantically. After that Kalpana and Roja dances for the song “Kannampoochi ean eda” song. Balu and Yasodha dances after that. Anu sneaks out from there and sits on her room. She can’t able to see them enjoying there. She takes the device controller remote in her hand. Just then Arjun enters inside the room. He questions her what’s she doing here?

She lies to him that she is checking the decorations. Arjun tells her that he know well she is lying what’s she hiding from him. He demands her to show it to him what’s she hiding? He strangles get neck and demands her to say the truth. Roja comes there and calls him. Anu pushes Roja down Arjun’s shirt stucked with nail. Anu pushes Roja down and comes out after locking the room. Anu press the remote. Fire caught in that room. Roja shouts Arjun name he is shouting her name back.

Roja shouts Arjun name and asks him to come out. Arjun asks her to go out first. Roja refuses to go out reasoning she will only go after he come out. Arjun assures to her that he will definitely come out so go and check whether she set up this in Kalpana room or not? Arjun asks her to go and caught Anu she has remote in her hand. Roja comes out Anu thinks how come she got escaped she forget to close the door that’s her mistake. She thinks that she didn’t get Arjun in his life so she don’t wanna see him living happily with Roja too. She pressed the button door locked. Roja starts chasing her Anu reaches to terrace. Roja demands her to give back the remote to her.

Episode end.