Roja 13th May 2021 Written Update: Arjun feels nervous

Roja 13th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam says to Shanthamoorthy that she doubts poison mixed in his food. She asks him to share with her why are they trying to kill him? He says to her that his statement is very important in Ganesh murder case. They are trying to kill him for them. This is why he fears someone will kill him before he give statement against Anu and Sakshi. She says to him that she will complain to head and leaves. Shanthamoorthy says to her that he wishes to meet Arjun and Roja before something happen to him. He asks her to dial to Roja number. She dials but she is not attending the call. She dials to Arjun but phone is not reachable. Shenbagam assures to him that she will meet them personally and share this incident to them. He says to her that she saved her twice. She has a good heart like Roja. She informs to him that she has one daughter too her name is Anu. Kalpana reaches to home. Pratap scolds her for not taking car. She informs to him that she will buy vegetables slowly that’s she didn’t take it.

Annapoorna says to him that Kalpana is a good person. She got a good daughter in law but she is not lucky to get a good daughter in law. Kalpana supports Roja and leaves to cook. She starts searches for Roja there. She doubts where is Roja? Pratap says to her may Roja is feeling sad because Arjun went to Delhi. She compares herself with Roja and adds that she too used to worry about Pratap. He informs to her that he will leave in few minutes. Kalpana starts to search for Roja again in house. Annapoorna settle in hall. Anu goes out Annapoorna doubts where is she going? Arjun calls to Anu she thinks that its risk to attend the call. Arjun wishes to call Kalpana. It’s saying switched off. He fears something happen to Roja. Arjun leaves from there to meet Judge.

Kalpana is still searching for Roja. Annapoorna questions her where is she? She complaints that she was a hospital staff when she came here. She changed after she become Arjun wife. She is giving too much place to her. Arjun is not giving up her side. Kalpana asks Pratap to call Roja. Anu cuts the call. Pratap informs to her that she is not picking the call. Kalpana asks him to dial Arjun. She will never go anywhere without informing to Arjun. Pratap deny it reasoning we shouldn’t disturb him for it. He assures to her that Roja will come back soon. Kalpana leave to cook there. Goons calls to Divya and informs to her that Shanthamoorthy escaped. Saraswathy saved him. She questions them why did she came here? She informs to him that Saraswathy is also need for her. They mixed poison in his food but she stopped him from eating it. He informs to her that she went to meet Arjun and Roja. She dials to someone and talks with him mute.

Balu thinks that he is feeling bored. He tries to take Anu laptop from there. He bends down to take it and finds Roja under the bed. He gets shock to see her there. He starts calling Yasodha there. She comes there and enquires him what happened? He asks her to check under the bed. She starts feeling nervous. They tries to inform Anu about it. Anu says to them that she made her unconscious because she wants to do one job. She asks them to help her till then. Balu starts to blabber in fear. Naveen comes there searing for Roja

Episode end.