Roja 13th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun brings Keerthy to his house

Roja 13th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sakthivelu comes there along with Kathir and Poovarasi. Sakthi says to Annapoorna it has been a long time he is seeing her she too says the same with him. He introduces Kathir and Poovarasi to her. Anu stares them from the terrace. Annapoorna says to Poovarasi she met her on her ears piercing function last time now she grown up beautiful.

Kalpana takes Arathi to Kathir and Poovarasi. Annapoorna says if she takes arathi they will get a new baby next year. Kalpana demands him money for taking arathi he gives to her as a gift Sakthivelu teaes Balu. Sakthi informs to them Arjun and Roja is missing Kalpana replies they will be back soon. Sakthi feels emotional seeing Shenbagam picture. Annapoorna also feels emotional. Arjun and Roja reach home. Arjun says to Roja they must maintain the lie which Annapoorna said to him.

While Roja enters in Sakthivelu feels her resembling Shenbagam. Sakthivelu holds Roja hands and mentions Shenbagam. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Annapoorna says to him Anu is Shenbagam daughter but he denies it and stays in his word. Arjun stares in a teasing way how many days she can cheat others.

Arjun says to Sakthivel to find it slowly. He takes Poovarasy and Kathir to give surprise to them. Everyone asks him what’s the surprise. Roja asks Keerthy to gets down from car. Seeing her Poovarasi hugs her tightly and burst out in cry. She keeps talking to her but she is not replying to her. Kathir and Poovarasi ask to Arjun what happened to her ? Arjun replies to her she needs rest now he will say it later. He informs to Poovarasi that he and Roja found Keerthi and her family met with an accident. He admitted her to the hospital her back of head got injury so she forgets her past. So they must take care of her.

Poovarasi thank Arjun and Roja for saving Keerthy. Arjun narrated to Kathir how did he find out Keerthy identity. Poovarasi pleads to Sakthivel to take her along with them because she has no family he agrees. Arjun and Roja about to call everyone for lunch they meet Anu and Annaoorna. He teases her and leaves to Poovarasi room. Poovarasi felt bad seeing her condition. Roja asks Keerthi to be happy and mingles with all.

Everyone settled at the dining table. Kalpana asks Roja to sit with them but she deny it and starts to serve everyone there. Sakthivel praised Gulab jamun and says it’s tasting like Shenbakam. Annapoorna about to say it’s cooked by Kalpana but she says it’s done by Roja. Sakthi praised her. Arjun forward sweets to Roja she deny it but he force her and feeding Gulab Jamun to Roja lovingly. Seeing this Keerthy asks Kathir to feed Poovarasi like the way Arjun did to Roja. Poovarasi hesitates though she does it for Keerthy.