Roja 14th July 2021 Written Update: Anu falls down from terrace

Roja 14th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun trying to stand. Roja is chasing Anu she reaches to terrace. Roja asks Anu to give the remote to her or open the room reasoning Arjun is inside it. Anu asks her to go and die with him. Roja says to her that nothing will happen bad with him because he is a good person he never done wrong thing to anyone yet. Roja demands her to give the remote to her. Anu and Roja are fighting for the remote. Anu pushes Roja away and lost her balance. Roja hold her before falling down. Anu pleads with her to save her. Roja trying her best to save her she is pulling her up. Manickan comes out speaking with someone in phone. Roja asks her to don’t be scared don’t lose her grip. Manickam shouts Anu name from down. Anu loses the grip and falls down on car. Manickam rushes near her. Roja runs from there.

Everyone comes out hearing the sound. Manickam cries seeing Anu’s state. Everyone rushes near her and gets shock to see her. Annapoorna starts crying seeing her state. Roja too comes there calling her name. Anu mentions Roja’s name everyone misunderstands Roja done something to her. She faints. Manickam and Annapoorna are blaming Roja as the culprit she killed Anu. Roja deny it. Kalpana asks him to don’t blame her unnecessary. Annapoorna keeps blaming Roja and cursing her. Annapoorna asks her to call the police. Arjun comes out and notices all are standing there. Arjun enquires to her what happened? Roja narrates everything to him. Kalpana enquires to Arjun what happened to him? He shares to her that Anu gave short circuit in their room and tried to kill them inside. Annapoorna complaints that he is trying to save his murderer wife.

Annapoorna asks Chandrakantha to arrest Roja. Arjun asks her to talk with sense. Anu whom tried to kill them can’t she able to see her state. Manickan says to him that he saw Roja pushing Anu down with his own eyes. Arjun says that he is lying. Someone checks Anu’s pulse and informs to all she is alive. Yasodha and Annapoorna are crying seeing her state. Doctor asks them to call the ambulance. Chandrakantha calls the ambulance and gives the direction. Manickam asks Judge to watch this all and arrest this Roja immediately. Judge asks him to wait and and admit her in hospital first. Manickam says that he won’t leave this problem easily his daughter is dying here. Arjun says to judge that Roja won’t do anything like this. Doesn’t she see the way Anu settled fire in their room. Judge says to him its not the problem here. As a father he has the rights to complaint and suspect her. Chandrakanatha says that problems is getting critical. She asks Arjun to take Roja to house. Manickam asks her to behave nuetral here. Ambulance comes there Manickan stands adamant not to take Anu from there till they arrest Roja. Police reaches to there.

Episode end.