Roja 14th September 2020 Written Update: Arjun trapped Anu

Roja 14th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with kalpana and Pooja teasing Anu . Anu got irrittated and says in warning tone if they don’t go out she will go . Kalpana closed the door and ask her to wait . Anu says her marriage muhurth time nearing she wanna get ready .

 Kalpana stops her again. Kalpana and Pooja teases her again. Anu says Aswin will come soon so she can’t be late more. Kalpana says Aswin is her son he won’t cross her words anytime . He even agreed to marry Anu for her sake. She got some notification in her mobile . Kalpana and Pooja ask her to check it . Anu tells its not important now then her marriage. Pooja ask her to check it perhaps its an important message.

 Anu says she is bride so she won’t concentrate on such things. When they forced them she open it. Message from Arjun , he send the orginal report to her mobile . Anu shocked to see it . Arjun calls her , Kalpana ask her to attend it . Arjun says Anu game is over how was his surprise. He even teases her by asking did she married Aswin or not. Arjun teases her does she know where did she became an fool?

Kalpana ask to her Is she thinking how comes this orginal report is with him already Sakshi person tore it right ? Anu stare her blinking . Kalpana narrates to her where did that twist happened. When doctor take Anu blood Aswin, Kalpana and Pooja collected that blood and send it to another lab for test .

Anu shocked to hear it . Arjun says proudly Is she still doubts Arjun brilliance . He even teases her as she can able to change only  the reports but he can change the lab. He advice her to back off from marriage or else he will send the reports to everyone . Manickam may shoot her for betraying him these many days by acting as his daughter. Then he will punish her for murdering bhayya ganesh . She will be behind the bars for her deeds.

 Anu shocked to hear it. Pooja teases her that she got scared. Kalpana says to her don’t Underestimate them. Roja too says her to back off from the marriage by saying she don’t like to marry him its good for both of them . Kalpana and Pooja tells her to take the decision soon they will wait for her down .

Kalpana and Pooja reach down. Annapoorna ask to them why didn’t  Anu come with them. Kalpana replies to her that she ask them to go first she will be there in few minutes. Annapoorna doubts them and stays silent. Anu calls to Sakshi. She ask to Anu why did she calling her on marriage time ? Did she got married already . Anu says in frustration she doubts whether this marriage happen or she kicked out of this house. She tells her that her all game is over. Sakshi ask her to clear everyting .

 Anu narrates everything just happened before. She says in frustration Arjun changed the lab now orginal reports is with him. Sakshi ask Anu to marry Aswin at any cost. She will take care of Arjun and Roja . If she marries Aswin no one can touch her. She send goons to finish Arjun and Roja chapters. Anu smirked and think Kalpana she gonna see her getting married to Aswin.

Aswin sitting on mandap nervously, Kalpana whispered to him that Arjun already sended orginal report so nothing to worry , Anu won’t agree to marry him. Annapoorna ask Yasodha to bring Anu there. Anu comes down smiling she sits beside Aswin smirking . Kalpana and Pooja shocked to see her this attittude.

While coming back Arjun Car diverted. One man laying on road he got fix. Roja ask him to help that person .Arjun guessed it as Anu’s goon . He about to help him goons surrounded him. Roja shouts , he starts to run they followed him. He shows black and blue to those goons. The person whom acted got fix taken the car key of Arjun and ran away. Roja informed to Arjun assisstant . He came there on time , Arjun took his car and goes away with Roja.