Roja 15th April 2021 Written Update: Arjun challenges Anu

Roja 15th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna asks Arjun to appologize to Anu for beating Anu. She adds that Roja might appologize to her orelse she won’t leave this problem. Roja says to Annapoorna that she won’t appologize to anyone for the mistakes which she never done. She never give punishment to the sinner. God will give the apt punishment to them. In orphanage they taught it to her. Roja narrates to him whatever happened. She says that she never saw any woman lying like Anu. Arjun says to Roja that Anu is not a ‘woman’. He says to Anu that he has no anger on Manickam. But he don’t like Anu at all. Anu is thinking that her birthday is coming but he will prove on stage that is Roja Birthday. He will prove to all that Anu is fake one. Even Annapoorna will throw her out of the house holding her neck. Only she can live here happily till he prove the truth. Arjun takes Roja from there after warning her.

Anu complaints to Annapoorna that Kalpana threatening her. When Annapoorna looks at her side no one is there. Aswin complaints to Bujji that one third wheeler came in his love story. Bujji assures to Aswin that Pooja won’t like Meghnan. Aswin says to him that he is not getting chance to meet Pooja alone. Bujji gives an idea to him how to meet Pooja in night. Aswin thank him and knocks at Pooja’s room. He enters inside and says to her that he is here to meet her. He didn’t get chance to talk with her from morning. He tries to romance with her.

Everyone notices Aswin in Pooja’s room. They stares them in bad intention. Aswin clears to them that he came here to bring water to Pooja while she coughs. Purushothaman says to Devi don’t misunderstands them. Her husband didn’t mind it. Devi says to him that she don’t like him working here. Purushothaman says to her that he is temporarly worker. Roja is thinking about Anu’s drama. Arjun notices her and questions her Is she start again? Roja says to him that she don’t know what destiny planned for her? He complaints that nothing is there to worry when Arjun is near her.

Roja thank Arjun for being with her. She adds that he married her out of sympathy. She is feeling guilty for seeing him always fighting for her. Arjun says to her that he chose correct person in his life. Roja informs to Arjun that Annapoorna didn’t angry on her this much before. But she is showing anger on her after Arjun mentioned Roja as Shenbagam’s daughter. Roja says to him that Anu blamed Roja for the thing which didn’t happened. She can’t able to accept that Anu asked him to appologize to her. Arjun says to Roja that Anu fears that her end is nearing. That’s why she is doing this all to get sympathy.

Kalpana is hearing their conversation. Roja says to Arjun that she don’t want her real identity. She don’t wanna see Arjun is suffering for her. She wishes to live just like Arjun’s wife. Kalpana asks Arjun to don’t listen to Roja. Anu is doing too much here. She can’t able to bear her torture. Arjun says to Kalpana that he will definitely proves her identity to all. Kalpana says to Arjun that she will do anything for Roja. She wants to see Roja leading a happy life.

Kalpana says that she got the doubt that Roja is this house daughter. That’s why she gifted this bangle to her. Anu is thinking about the insult . Yasodha and Balu comes there. She questions them why didn’t they supported her? They says to her that everyone are against her on that time. Anu questions them don’t they support If everyone are against her. Yasodha says to her they will only support her. After all properties registered on her name don’t forget them! Anu lashes out at them.

Anu dials to Sakshi. She attends the call. Anu says to her that everyone starts suspecting her. Arjun and Roj…