Roja 15th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun questions Anu

Roja 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aswin questions Annapoorna what did she got? Why is Yasodha shouting like this? She replies that Yasodha is dumb head she used to blabbers like that only. Annapoorna makes Kalpana comfortable near her then praising about her cooking. Arjun says to Annapoorna that something is strange. Kalpana used to cook for this family these many days though she got time to praise her now.

Annapoorna replies to him that she will praise her at any time. Annapoorna pretends like nice to them. Yasodha comes there and gets surprise to see everyone there. She questions Arjun when did they came? Arjun replies that they came when Yasodha shouted that she got something. Anu hears it and about to go from there. Annapoorna asks Kalpana to gets fresh up then she asks to Roja to prepare coffee for her.

Arjun stops Roja and asks her to bring the property papers first. Kalpana and Roja are staring him in confusion but trio are shivering in fear. Roja leaves to check the property papers. Roja runs to him and informs to Arjun that papers are missing. Arjun asks Anu to bring the papers. She deny it. Roja asks Anu to give back the papers orelse she will informs to Chandrakantha.

Arjun says that he checked the papers before leaving to temple now its missing. These three persons are in home it means someone from this gang stole it. Annapoorna comments that he is blaming her. Arjun asks Roja to bring water there reasoning he applied chemicals in that papers those who touched it.

Their hands will turns blue. Everyone touches the water Anu hands turns blue in color. Arjun asks her to bring the paper. Aswin complaints to Annapoorna that she is trying to get him marry to this fraud. Arjun says this is real Anu. One day she will learn the truth about her. Anu leaves to bring the papers there.

Pooja is cleaning her room. Aswin comes there and hugs her from behind makes her shouts in fear. She scolds him for coming in her parent’s absence. Aswin takes it an oppurtunity and starts romancing with her. She advises to him its wrong to meeting each other in her parent’s absence. She saw her parents suffering so she don’t wanna hurts them. Aswin assures to her. Pooja hugs him but Purushothaman and Prema reaches there on time. He slaps Aswin and blames him for trying to change Pooja mind.

Aswin pleads to them to give Pooja hands to him. Purushothaman says to him that he lived an luxurious life. But he has nothing on his name to give his daughter hands to him. He is often mentioning it to Aswin. He says to him that Annapoorna never allows Pooja to live in that house happily.

Episode end.