Roja 15th July 2021 Written Update: Police arrested Roja

Roja 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says to Arjun she didn’t do anything. Ambulance leaves from there taking Anu. Roja keeps saying to them she didn’t done anything. Arjun talks with the judge. Judge says to him circumstances and evidence are judging the culprits. If he wanna save his wife he wanna prove it. Roja says to Judge that Anu whom pushed them inside the fire room and tried to kill her but she tried to save her. It’s truth she fighted with Anu to save Kalpana and Pratap. She tried hard to save Anu but she slips down. Kalpana says to her she is believing her. Arjun asks her to stop talking about it.

Manickam says in sarcasm she already confessed everything police will deal with it remain. Police reached to there. Roja says to Kalpana and Arjun she won’t leave with them. Kalpana tells her she won’t send her. Manickam complaints that Arjun send Anu inside the jail for the mistake she didn’t done. Anu beared so many tortures inside the jail so now he gonna send Roja inside the jail she will suffer the same. Arjun questions him Is he mental? Will Roja do like this? Manickam asks him to stop supporting his wife she will suffer the same pain as Anu.

The police comes there to arrest Roja. Roja pleads with Judge and Chandrakantha there. All are trying to convince the police but they takes Roja from there forcefully. Kalpana runs behind the jeep while mentioning Roja name. Arjun falls down without option and cries for her. Kalpana pleads with Arjun to save Roja. He says to himself that he won’t let this end like it he will definitely take her out. He knew well what to do in it.

kalpana cries for Roja. Arjun assures with her he will definitely bring her out. Another side Annapoorna admitted Anu in hospital and cries for her standing outside. Police takes Roja to police station. Roja gets nervous seeing the Lock up. They sends her inside the lock up. Balu thinks that they planned to Kill Roja but Anu fell down. Annapoorna cries seeing Anu state. Yasodha consoling her.
Manickam reaches to there and enquires to Annapoorna how is she? She informs to him that doctor is still giving treatment to her.

Arjun reaches to police station and says to the inspector nothing to worry he will deal with the case. He gets emotional seeing Roja behind the bar. He apologise to her for standing there helpless without helping her on that time. She dreamt like she is going inside the jail though he ignored her dream. He was a big lawyer though he can’t able to save her. She is here without committing any mistakes. Roja says to him she is not angry on him for that. She only wanna be with him. Just watching him daily is enough to her.

Roja questions him why should she angry on him? Doesn’t he send her out to save her from that fire. On that time she don’t understand it and followed Anu blindly. Is he really thinking she will live after something happened to him? She will also die the next moment. All ladies wishes to die as Sumagali. She is also dreaming the same. Arjun says to her he won’t allow nothing happen to her. Roja questions him why did he tried to die alone. Why did he showing partiality to her. She can’t able to live without him.

She doesn’t care about her punishment also. Arjun asks her to don’t cry. Manickam learns from doctor Anu is in critical stage. Manickam wishes to punish Roja. Kalpana and Pratap reached to there. Roja says to her that she didn’t do anything. Kalpana says to her she is believing her. Pratap asks Arjun to take her out in bail. Chandrakantha comes there and informs to them And condition is serious they can’t able to take Roja from there. Arjun wishes to find out the evidence soon. They leaves from there.

Episode end.