Roja 15th June 2021 Written Update: Arjun understands Annapoorna’s intention

Roja 15th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana says to Annapoorna she is everything to this family. Roja says she accepted her nothing is important to her then this. Annapoorna pretends like blessing Roja happily. Annapoorna acts like crying Roja asks her to stop crying reasoning she is the pillar of this family. She might be happy here. Annapoorna adds that she wishes to see her in happiness but she didn’t think anything good for her.

Annapoorna asks her to arrange the function soon she will also celebrate with them. Arjun thinks Annapoorna’s performance is over today let’s see how much she can act. Nome understood her better then him. Arjun reminds those incidents. Annapoorna is praying to god and reading mantras Kalpana gets surprise to see it. Arjun hears her voice and comes down to check it. Yasodha and Balu also confused to see her sudden change. Annapoorna do the pooja and gives the arathi to all. Arjun keeps watching what’s going on there?

Kalpana questions her why is she doing pooja in morning itself? Is she has Abu problems? Annapoorna says she done many mistakes she failed to keep did good persons near her and worried for the bad ones. Annapoorna is talking about her death Kalpana asks her to stop talking like this. Annapoorna shares to Kalpana that she treated her like her mom and she thinks her like her daughter but she changed after seeing Anu. Kalpana says that she is talking differently.

Annapoorna says to Pratap that he never give up her side any time likewise Kalpana too but she didn’t heed to their feelings and joined hands with Anu. Pratap questions her why is she talking like this? Annapoorna informs to him that Pratap is head to this family he wanna be matured to take decision in something bad happens. Annapoorna says she got chest pain yesterday. Everyone gets panic to hear it.

Arjun thinks that Annapoorna acted like this before Arjun to marry Anu. Now she is acting like this to take Anu out of jail. He thinks she is a good actress. Pratap says to Annapoorna that he will bring doctor soon. Annapoorna deny it and says to all that she failed to recognize good people. Annapoorna mentions Roja as her grand daughter. Arjun thinks Roja used to poured out love if anyone talk nicely with her. Now Annapoorna scored a lot by mentioning her as grand daughter she will fall in Annapoorna’s trap.

Annapoorna says to Kalpana that Arjun used to say to her that Roja is orphan. If she shows little love on her then she is even ready to give her life to her. Arjun is right Roja is a good one. Arjuna thinks that Annapoorna trying to impress Roja with his dialogue. She already impressed her. Kalpana says to Annapoorna that Anu whom poisoned her heart but she is gold.

Annapoorna adds that Kalpana is not complain about her. Arjun thinks that Grandma trying to impress Kalpana now. Annapoorna says she will arrange first night for Arjun and Roja. Let’s arrange some function to celebrate it. Arjun thinks that its hard to make Roja and Kalpana understand Annapoorna is acting. Annapoorna smirks at all when they believed her acting. Kalpana and Roja sharing their happiness with each other. Arjun reminds Annapoorna’s words. Kalpana questions Arjun why is he so tensed Now Annapoorna changed. Arjun asks Kalpana to stop supporting her she is a innocent. Roja and Kalpana are supporting Annapoorna. Arjun alerts them that Annapoorna is acting to save Anu from jail.

Episode end